This month's colours – May Neutrals

1st Dec 2016

Protek May Colours

Create a canvas for your garden

When talking about colours, neutral means without colour. It has long been the go to palette for Interior Designers when they are looking to create light and sophistication in living spaces. The same principles can be used outside. A tired faded fence can be painted in a neutral colour to create a lighter feeling of space within a garden and subtlety show off the beautiful plants.  Although being Protek our neutrals have of course, hints of colours to add warmth and depth.

For this month’s colours we have chosen Warm Stone in our Wood Stain and Protector range (perfect for fences and sheds, see the photo above) and Royal Cashmere, Warm Clay and China Clay would make any timber building look irresistibly chic!

Wood Stain and Protector - Warm Stone     Protek Royal Exterior - Cashmere     Protek Royal Exterior - Warm Clay   Protek Royal Exterior - China Clay

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