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Paint your deck with Protek Decking Stain

Protek Decking Stain Colours are specially formulated paints to give all types of external timber decking an enriching colour that lasts.They are low odour and non-toxic so harmless to plants and animals. This specially formulated wood stain contains high levels of acrylic making it a highly effective water repellent paint that protects your decks and other timbers from damage caused by water.


Our Decking Stain rejuvenates old timber decking with a hard wearing colour that looks natural and lasts. The hard wearing nature of this wood stain allows it to be applied to a wide variety of garden timbers such as softwood and hardwood garden furniture and garden buildings for that extra layer of water-proofing.


As we all know decking has become a popular feature in modern garden design and although it can look very attractive, the extreme pressures that it is under from foot traffic and the environment can lead to quite a ‘high-maintenance relationship’.

Being horizontal it is subjected to the highest levels of UV exposure, lashings from rain and the torment of sitting water and frost, not to mention boots and feet of all shapes and sizes constantly wearing at the surface.

The majority of decking boards will come pre-treated with a preservative but the quality and life-span of the preserver will vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. There will be no protection against the elements so to protect and increase the life-span of your decking it is essential to coat with a good water-proof Decking Stain.

Protek have recently made improvements to Decking Stain re-formulating using a new high quality resin that provides better adhesion to the timber substrate and a stronger bonding coating making it tougher and less prone to cracking and peeling. It can be applied at lower temperatures and withstands weathering and freezing cycles at a far higher level than previously.

This new generation resin has been created from core shell technology with acrylic modification on the alkyd. It is linseed oil based meaning that not only does it have good eco-credentials being a renewable resource, but its low particle size offers great wood penetration.

The new generation of alkyd dispersion also offers extended durability and when coupled with the increased resin levels in the new formulation, Protek’s Decking Stain is even harder wearing and has a greater level of water repellency. Protek’s new Decking Stain not only helps to enrich the decking and uphold the structural integrity of the timber, but reduces the moisture content of the decking making it less prone to frost damage. In tests the moisture content was 30% lower with Protek’s new formulation than other decking stains.

Protek’s Decking Stain is an enriching water-based woodstain suitable for use on softwood and hardwood. It is easy to apply by HVLP (high volume low pressure) garden sprayers, brush or roller and can be easily cleaned up with water and a bit of detergent. Low in VOC and odour it is a pleasure to work with and has good eco-credentials.

As with all of Protek’s woodstains in its woodcare range it conforms to EN71-3 and is deemed suitable for use around animals, children and plants.


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