Three Steps to Protect

Three Steps to Protect

Knowing what kind of product to buy and when and why to apply it can be a confusing job, so here we have broken it down into three simple steps.



Prepare and Preserve

  • Sand, clean & dry

    • Our products can be applied over the top of old weathered coatings, but for best results apply wood stains to bare timber. Ensure timber is clean & dry.
  • Wood Preserver

    • If your external timber isn’t pressure treated or the preservative chemicals have expired, apply Wood Preserver to protect against rot & fungi.
  • Knotting Agent or Stain Blocking Primer if desired

    • Apply to prevent resinous knots from staining the coating.

Colour & Protect

  • Colour

    • Apply coloured coating to keep the timber looking attractive, create a stunning garden design or fit in with other external timber.
  • Protect


Extra Protection

  • Apply Clear Top Coat for extra protection

  • Algaecide/Algae Inhibitor

    • Apply on top of coatings in areas that are prone to algae growth if desired.
  • Varnish (water-based polyurethane breathable products preferable)

    • Apply on top of interior coatings that will be subjected to high levels of wear and tear such as floorboards, table tops and kitchen work surface.