Stable Coat

Stable Coat - Clear

Stable Coat - Clear

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  • This product is safe for bees and beehives.
    This product is safe for bees and beehives.
  • This product is bird safe.
    This product is bird safe.
  • This product is child friendly.
    This product is child friendly.
  • This product is pet safe.
    This product is pet safe.
  • This product is plant safe.
    This product is plant safe.


We offer Stable Coat in a clear un-pigmented formula for use as a top coat for stables and timber buildings that have been previously treated and require a water-proof finish. Our Stable Coat Clear can go over coatings to give improved water repellency without getting a deeper stronger colour that more coats of a coloured wood stain would give.

Some stables and timber buildings are pressure treated with a preservative because people feel this will give their stables a longer life, unfortunately normal timber preservation does not give your stable any protection from rain and the timber in your stable can let water through. This can lead to visible damage and a damp stable for your horse.

Protek Stable Coat has been specifically formulated for the exterior treatment of timber stables and animal housing. A high quality water-based treatment that is easy to apply either by a brush, roller or sprayer so large areas may be treated quickly and economically. Stable Coat is a water-based micro-porous coating that uses next generation nanotechnology to deliver an extremely hydrophobic finish that will prolong the life of your timber stable.

CLEAR is clear with no colour. We recommend it is used as a TOPCOAT over another colour and would not recommend it is applied directly to bare uncoloured wood.

TOP TIP: If you want to make sure your wood stays true to its natural colour it's best to use a TINTED STAIN in the Stable Coat range like Golden Oak. If your building is pressure-treated green, then the Stable Coat Pale Green is the perfect choice for both protecting and prolonging the good looks of your timber. Clear coatings are to be used externally as an extra water-proofing TOPCOAT. If they are used on bare wood, the wood will still bleach and naturally weather in the sun. Depending on the wood species, it can silver or turn black over time.

Protek Stable Coat is available in three traditional colours, Golden Brown, Dark Brown and the dramatic Black. As Stable Coat is water based and contains no heavy metals it means this product is a safe and odour free alternative to Creosote.

Ideal for:
• Stables
• Rabbit Hutches
• Chicken Coups
• Turkey Sheds
• Kennels
• Animal Housing
• Garden Sheds
• Summer Houses

• Water Based
• High Water Repellency
• Pet & Plant Friendly
• Mould Resistant Coating
• Quick Drying
• Low Odour & Low VOC
• Great Coverage
• Natural Stain Finish with Slight Sheen
• Easy Water Clean-Up

This is a protective water-repellent coating. If your timber isn't treated with a preservative then depending on the type of wood and product, you may want to use our Wood Preserver ++ first.


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