Wild life garden

Alan had a plan to create a wild life garden

This week’s Love Your Garden was a big challenge. Most of the garden was filled with two giant ponds with red/ orange paving and fencing.  It was started in 1969! 


Alan had a plan to create a wild life garden that would attract animals, birds, bees, insects and reptiles all year round.  


The garden was instantly transformed by painting all the fences in our Royal Exterior Slate Grey. The colour provided the perfect backdrop to the wildlife zones. 


In the centre was a pond with a waterfall complete with a bridge.  The pond was edged with grey slates and surrounded with architectural plants like ferns.  


Suddenly it looked modern and contemporary. 


A newt paradise was created near the house. 


A black deck formed a wonderful viewing gallery, a place to oversee all the wildlife activity.  


A scree garden (a mountainous garden) with boulders, pines and alpine plants looked great. 


As Pete had raised over £30K by visiting and drinking in pubs (yes really) it seemed only right to have his own bar ‘The Inebriated Newt’  at the end of the garden.  The bar shed was painted with Royal Exterior Black. 


Alan and the team (David Domoney and Frances Tophill) transformed a concrete jungle into modern wildlife paradise.