We are delighted to be able to share our latest colour with you

The NEW D19 Nude Taupe has been designed with interior designer Justin Coakley

The NEW D19 Nude Taupe has been designed with interior designer Justin Coakley. Justin has a fabulous Instagram account called design_at_nineteen.


His style is very simple but hugely effective which is why he was awarded Evening Standards Top 20 Renovation accounts to follow in 2020.

Last summer he transformed his boring back garden into a stylish, modern space that was good enough to work, eat and relax in.  It was described recently as ‘the most copied garden on Instagram’.


“This warm, welcoming and calm neutral will transform your garden beautifully into an urban oasis” Justin @design_at_nineteen


What did he do?

The fences were all painted black. He used Wood Stain and Protect Ebony. The fences looked stunning and provided the perfect backdrop to his green and white planting of alliums, grasses, ferns, jasmine and olive trees. The neighbours loved the black fences so much that they all did the same!

Justin @design_at_nineteen

A new pergola was erected and also painted in Wood Stain and Protect Ebony.  A table and benches provided a stylish place to eat and the hanging swing chair was perfect for relaxing in.


The new home office created a peaceful space to work and design in and ……of course it was black!


With all that black, Justin added white in the form of walls and floor tiles instantly lightening the look.  The monochrome garden was done.


As the season rolled on Justin decided that the white raised beds looked dirty and had lost their shine.  He wanted a new neutral shade that would still compliment the style and design in the garden. 


And that’s where it all started. We sent him a range of our neutral greys and browns to experiment with, but none of them were quite right.  So, we offered to make him his own taupe colour.  We made it. He loved it.

The NEW D19 Nude Taupe has been designed with interior designer Justin

Justin used the taupe to paint his raised beds, which were rendered. The wood stain is designed for wood, but as it is so versatile that it can be used on multiple surfaces.


Justin’s taupe is a lovely earthy tone that sits between grey and brown and will provide a neutral backdrop to his garden, and hopefully yours. As a natural base colour, it works well against whites and blacks as well as green garden foliage.


Available in Royal Exterior and Royal Interior.

Pot sizes; Sample 125ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litres, 5 litres and 25 litres.

Justin @design_at_nineteen Taupe