Trellis Makeovers

23rd Oct 2015

There’s no easy way to decorate a trellis and at some points you’d wonder why you’d want to but the effort is definitely worth it as the results can transform your garden.

Treating a trellis with woodstain not only prolongs its lifespan but also creates a stunning backdrop to planting.

Two of my roses were in need of some support and as they grow up against the house wall a trellis was the obvious support solution. The first rose, a David Austin Ferdinand Pichard has lovely large pink striped blooms so I chose Protek Royal Exterior Rose Pink woodstain for its trellis.

The second rose, David Austin Rambling Rector has a glorious display of delicate light yellow blooms that would be complimented well by Protek Royal Exterior Lemon Yellow.


Royal Exterior - Rose PinkRoyal Exterior - Rose Pink

Royal Exterior - Lemon YellowRoyal Exterior - Lemon Yellow

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