22nd Jul 2014

TRELLIS MAKEOVERSThere’s no easy way to decorate a trellis and at some points you’d wonder why you’d want to but the effort is definitely worth it as the results can transform your garden.

Treating a trellis with woodstain not only prolongs its lifespan but also creates a stunning backdrop to planting.

Two of my roses were in need of some support and as they grow up against the house wall a trellis was the obvious support solution. The first rose, a David Austin Ferdinand Pichard has lovely large pink striped blooms so I chose Protek Royal Exterior Rose Pink woodstain for its trellis.

The second rose, David Austin Rambling Rector has a glorious display of delicate light yellow blooms that would be complimented well by Protek Royal Exterior Lemon Yellow.

Here are my top 10 tips for applying wood stain to trellis.

1.    Wash down with water, detergent and a stiff brush

2.    Allow to dry fully

3.    Remove any loose bits of timber and splinters with a light sand if needed

4.    Select a good woodstain in a colour that suits you and the planting. Protek Wood Stain & Protector and Royal Exterior come in over 90 colours and will protect the timber for years

5.    Use a good quality paint brush 1” to 1½ “ wide

6.    Choose a nice warm dry day and put some good music on to keep you going

7.    Lay the trellis down flat on top of an old sheet to catch any drips or spills

8.    Paint the front of the trellis first treating one row at a time. Starting at the top paint the external edges then the internal sections finishing with a coat on the top struts. Work down the length of the trellis and by the time you’ve reached the bottom it will be dry enough to turn it over (being careful not to rest it down on the wet bottom section) and apply a coat to the back

9.    Apply a second coat to the external edges, internal sections and front struts

10.    Pour yourself a nice cup of tea or glass of wine and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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