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TOP OF THE POTS - Keeping up on colour trends!

Top of the PotsTo keep on top of colour trends we review and chart what colours are selling each season and it makes a pretty interesting read for us and our stockists.


January to June saw high sales in the traditional blues, greens, greys and black with clear being the most popular across the retail ranges. A lot of bright vibrant colours were in positions 5 – 10 of the top selling colours with reds, purples and pinks being the most favoured.


Retail Range colour review 2013

July has seen many of the firm favourites still topping the charts with a swing towards more muted soft colours rising in popularity, such as Silver Fir & Silver Grey, Soft Sage and Parsonage Cream. We’re looking forward to seeing how the change in weather will affect what colours will be ascending the charts next month.


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