This month's colours – OCTOBER 2016

17th Oct 2015

The Great British Bake Off

As summer turns to autumn, many of us relax in the company of Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue, for what may be the last time, to enjoy the successes and failures that make the Great British Bake Off. The large marque that is transformed into a quintessentially English kitchen is the inspiration for this month’s colours. Use some of our beautiful Royal Superior pastel shades inside your home to upcycle furniture and create a pop of colour. Team the hugely popular Eggshell Blue with glamourous French Lilac, soft Lemon Yellow or retro Spring Green to create a quirky finish. All colours these colours can be seen on the kitchen furniture in this year’s Great British Bake Off.

Why not use Protek Royal Superior to decorate your home interiors and add that vintage vibe to remind you of happy summer days.

Protek Royal Interior - Egg Shell Blue     Protek Royal Interior - French Lilac     Protek Royal Interior - Lemon Yellow   Protek Royal Interior - Spring Green

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