This month's colours – DECEMBER

2nd Mar 2014

While my garden borders are sleeping for winter I’ll be taking the opportunity to get out my paint brushes and finish painting some fencing. Not only will it provide them with long-term protection from the elements, it will also create an attractive backdrop for plants when they start to emerge in the spring. Although your windows of opportunity are somewhat diminished by seasonal weather, this month is the perfect time to see the boundaries of your garden whilst flora is pruned back and dormant. It is also a great time to be able to reach fencing to maintain it without being attacked by or damaging your plants.

This months colours are inspired by the shades I’ll be using on a run of fencing, changing tones as the planting progresses and performs a minor metamorphoses. Royal Exterior in Hazelnut is used on the posts and horizontals to add contrast and continuity throughout the scheme.

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