The Autistic Gardener paints with Protek

10th Aug 2015

Back at the end of last year our favourite TV horticulturist contacted us from Betty TV to see if Protek would be interested in supplying a new gardening series with our wood stains. The concept sounded fantastic so we immediately agreed.


The series follows a multi-award winning designer, Alan Gardner and a specially selected team of keen gardeners to transform unloved back gardens of fee-paying clients. Alan and his team are autistic and he feels strongly that being autistic aids greatly in their creativity and approach to garden designs.


Epiosde 3 is on tonight at 8pm on Channel 4. I’ve already set my series record to make sure I don’t miss it and will be tuning in to see how they’ve used a selection of our Royal Exterior wood stains in their garden designs. For previous episodes visit

The Autistic Gardener paints with Protek


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