Pascoe and Walitski Productions

4th Mar 2016

Pascoe and Walitski using Protek Wood Stain - Tiger PigWe always love to see what people have been up to with our wood stains and were recently sent some amazing pictures of window boxes. Clemency and Sam hand paint their stunning designs using Protek wood stains on reclaimed wood.

Find out more about their intriguing story here and visit their Facebook page or Pinterest board to see more of their beautiful designs.

Clemency & Sam bonded through a mutual love of Mexican imagery and bold colours. Their friendship grew very much through shared visual references, in part shaped by their hippy mothers, in part from a love of big books, mythical creatures, Indian wooden toys, sailor jerry, the treasures of the 4th floor at Liberty and all things Cinco de Mayo.

Pascoe and Walitski using Protek Wood Stain - BirdsWalking & Cycling around London they noticed that more and more people were using every inch of their balconies, terraces and windows to grow an amazing array of herbs and vegetables. They also noticed that most people had either really ugly or really dull window boxes and planters, especially when used for growing herbs and vegetables that don’t have the bright colours of flowers. 

So they set themselves a challenge to brighten up windowsills and gardens whatever the shape or size. This led to them starting Pascoe & Walitzki Productions. Their mission is to cheer up indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the UK. 

Planters and WindowBoxes. 

All Pascoe & Walitzki products are lovingly hand-made in the UK. Each item is unique and sizing can vary slightly. 

We use reclaimed wood and Protek Woodstain which is both durable and plant friendly. Our recommendation would be to use a liner inside the boxes, but the Woodstain will not harm the plants if you choose not to use a liner. 

"In terms of our relationship with Protek it was painting my summerhouse with Protek Products that was the catalyst for me to start experimenting with the window boxes with my leftover woodsman in pink, purple and green. 

The Tigerpig and Birds boxes were done with the Woodstain & protect samples that we had already. We are now using the Royal Exterior on new designs."


Violet, Whitewash, Ebony, Poppy, Marigold, Primrose, Royal Exterior Clear


PoppyMarigoldPrimrose, Spruce, Peacock, CornflowerWhitewashEbonyRoyal Exterior Clear

Painting with the wood stain was very much like using watercolours or ink. The paint was very liquid, slightly translucent, blending easily with other colours, and layering was interesting because you can see each layer as you build them up over each other.

Using the Royal Exterior paint was similar to using acrylics, creating more of a solid, opaque layer. The colours are rich and vibrant, great for creating bold and 'stand out' designs.

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