Standing Out from the Crowd

10th May 2016

An entrepreneur based up in Stafford is using Protek wood stains to set himself apart from his competition and has never been busier.

There are lots of fencing contractors and odd job men out there but Jai offers not only a reliable, quality service, but also a great selection of Protek colours. He has painted up timber boards to display the colours available within the retail ranges and uses these not only to show his customers the wide choice he offers, but also as a display board on jobs that attracts a lot of attention from neighbours and passing traffic.

Jai says that he loves using Protek wood stains because they work and are great value for money! One of his happy customers was about to consign her shed to the dump as it looked so old and tatty but Jai transformed it and her gates with Royal Exterior Ivy Green. She was absolutely delighted with the results and joyous at having what looked like a brand new shed and set of gates to admire. 

Standing Out from the Crowd

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