Renew tired looking timber

5th Apr 2017

Protek stable coat - greensWinter can be harsh on the appearance of pressure treated timbers. Your garden furniture and buildings can look faded and older than their years. A quick way to revitalise them is to apply Protek Stable Coat. This extremely easy to use product brushes or sprays on to leave a light stain finish that is also extremely water repellent, this then protects your timber from further degradation of UV rays and the British weather.


Stable Coat Pale Green is a light translucent coating that is the pale straw light green colour of freshly pressure treated timbers. On this bench, from Hutton Garden Products we painted on Light Green as it is a bluer green colour the same as the old pressure treated colour. We used this because the bench was very faded and we wanted to fully revitalise it. The finished result is beautiful and looks stunning against this old red brick cottage. Also, it was a joy to see the rain ping off it the following day!


Protek Stable Coat - Bench easy makeover

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