Queen of Swans

16th Jul 2012

Queen of SwansIn our local city of Wells, Somerset, a flock of swans have landed. Sixty magnificent swan sculptures are displayed in Wells and the surrounding area to commemorate the city and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 

Amongst some real gems is a beautiful creation sponsored and designed by local company Rainbow Eco Products, who produce an extensive range of decorative wood and aggregate products. The swan has been decorated by an artist using coloured aggregate and coated with glow in the dark paint. She proved to be a bit too popular at her original location and has been moved by the organisers to a prominent position on the grass island at The Liberty, sheltering under a thick canopy of trees.

Queen of Swans in Wells, Somerset


They will be auctioned off on the 29th September 2012 to raise money for local charities, so if you get the opportunity, take a trip to England’s smallest city to see them before they fly away.



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