Protek - The Next Generation of Timber Treatments

11th Mar 2010

Ben and Hat Thornborough from ProtekOver the past couple of years Protek has taken on new challenges posed not only by the economy but by legislation and environmental concerns. This had lead to a new generation of timber treatment products including cost effective, environmentally friendly, easy to use bulk deliveries for agriculture.

Protek has been manufacturing timber treatments, colourants and preservatives in the UK for over twenty five years. Originally Eric Thornborough started the business manufacturing a water based alternative to creosote for fencing that was far more environmentally friendly and delivered as a concentrated solution. The range then naturally expanded to include treatments and water-proofers for planed timber primarily used on garden sheds. Under the Tecca brand Protek made high pressure impregnation timber preservatives for agricultural fencing; initially CCA salts and now arsenic and chrome free preservers. In addition to the industrial range of preservatives and treatments Protek also offers a comprehensive retail range of wood stains, treatments and paints for the consumer.

Recently Protek have adapted their technology to make a one coat application for repainting and general maintenance of poultry sheds and animal buildings. This long lasting coating contains preservatives that are animal friendly and waterproofs with a mix of acrylics and wax. Called Protek Premium Grade it is a ready to use solution available in a range of colours and delivered in 25 litre or 1000 litre containers. The solution can be sprayed on for ease of application and is quick drying. This is just part of a new generation of products. The European Biocides Product Directive, BPD, will have a big impact on the timber treatment world as it has already on the formulation of Protek’s coatings, as some preservers and biocides will no longer be cleared for use. Ben Thornborough explained that with close consultation with their biocide partners Protek have designed new coatings for the timber industry that will have a good regulatory future. Ben says “It will be interesting to see over the next few years which biocides that are largely used today in Wood Preservers will not make i t through the BPD andREACH”.

Responding to the demand for ecoproducts Protek can now supply their products with resins from sustainable sources reducing the amount of petrochemical derivatives used. Eric’s original ethos was to create the most effective environmentally friendly timber treatment in the market, and since his retirement this continues to be the next generation’s objective today.


Farmers Mart - Spring 2010

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