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November - This Month’s Colours

All over the country the star event of this month will be Guy Fawkes Night with fireworks displays and bonfires brightening up the night sky. Down in Somerset we are also lucky to benefit from the spectacle of a local tradition that is quite a sight.

For a couple of weeks our local towns are emblazoned by a parade of the most spectacular carnival floats. Heralded as one of the largest illuminated processions in the world, carnival clubs compete every year to wow judges and spectators with the most elaborate and inventive floats. This month’s colours attempt to reflect the light and heat generated from the floats that can boast up to 30,000 light bulbs on a single float.


Wood Stain Protector - Gold Wood Stain Protector - Mustard Yellow Protek Woodstain - Primrose Wood Stain Protector - Marigold


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