New Textured Roofing Paint & Sealant

28th Dec 2010

Protek has developed a decorative hard-wearing, water-proof textured roofing paint and sealant. Originally developed as a roofing paint & sealant for sheds, garden buildings and animal housing it has also proved a hit as a textured paint on all wooden surfaces.

Jade Pavilions, one of Protek’s trade clients, design, produce and build oriental tea houses, pavilions, bridges and entrances. Protek’s textured paint was used on the side panels and gable ends of the tea house below to produce a decorative and water-proof finish.

To see more of their stunning and original designs, visit their website


You can use Protek’s textured roofing paint and sealant as an alternative to roofing felt by painting two coats to a dry, clean wooden roof. Due to the consistency of this product it is recommended to apply it by brush.

Protek’s textured paint is another product that will be available to purchase through the website in 2011.


New Textured Roofing Paint & Sealant Before   New Textured Roofing Paint & Sealant After

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