New Shed & Fence formula

26th Aug 2015

Shed and Fence comparison chartShed and Fence colour chartAs the old yellow poly cans were phased out by the packaging manufacturers, a new attractive design was created for easy to use buckets. The wide opening makes direct application by fence brush easy and the bucket still allows for decanting in to roller trays and sprayers.

In an effort to minimise leakages caused by the over-enthusiastic handling of some couriers the formulation was thickened slightly. The side effects of this are that the colours now look denser, richer and have more of a luxurious sheen to them, as opposed to the old watery formulation that although pleasing, could have a tendency to leave some colours looking a bit washed out. For ease of use through a sprayer you can dilute a 5 litre bucket with approx. 0.5 litres of water to return it to the original consistency.

Due to a slight increase in viscosity the coverage on a first coat on rough sawn timber can be at the minimal end of the scale with approximate coverage evening out with the 2nd coat.

A comparison picture of old painted up wooden swatches compared to new is shown on the pdf and a new Shed & Fence colour chart created. New digital colour swatches are also available for updating swatches on online stores so please email for an upload link.

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