Earnshaws take on Protek

5th Apr 2017

Protek have just put their comprehensive range of retail products into the 3 well placed sites of Earnshaws, Brigg in North Lincolnshire, Wentworth in South Yorkshire and Midgely in West Yorkshire.


Earnshaws is still owned and managed by descendants of the founders and they still maintain the same service tradition that was so important back in the 1860s. Protek are also a family run business and they share the ethos of offering excellent customer service and quality products.


Protek Sales Manager, Darren Stanley spent an informative day training the staff at all three sites. Darren feels it is hugely beneficial to inform the companies selling Protek’s range of all the advantages of using their products and how good knowledge will increase sales.


“With an established reputation for service and quality, a partnership with Protek was the natural choice for us. The excellent product training provided allowed us to seamlessly introduce the range into our centres - our staff started selling with knowledge and confidence from day one.” said Richard Earnshaw


Earnshaws take on Protek


Protek’s retail range has developed from the industrial products they still make for the timber trade. They are technical coatings designed for wood but offer a modern vibrant alternative to the more traditional brands.


Darren commented “We are delighted that Earnshaws are stocking the full Protek range in all three of their stores, they are the perfect stockists for us. We are concentrating on increasing our distribution network across the UK this year. Protek is now becoming a well-known brand to consumers, due to a high visibility in home and garden magazines and is widely used on television in such shows as ITV’s Love your Garden.” 


Photos: Darren Stanley (Protek, Left) & Jim Scott (Earnshaws)

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