Colour and style with Alastair Guy Playgrounds

25th Oct 2012

Alastair Guy Playgrounds are a small family business that specialise in creating playgrounds and timber frame buildings. In fact one of their timber buildings impressed us so much that we have used an image of it for the labels on our tins of Wood Preserver!

They began using Protek Wood Protector and Shed & Fence treatments a couple of years ago, attracted by the fact that they are water-based products harnessing renewable resources, creating an environmentally friendly option for them and their customers. Our colour ranges work well for all of their projects with the treatments enhancing the natural beauty of the wood that they use.

You can find their projects all over the country ranging from play houses in small back gardens to large adventurous playgrounds in historic homes.

Visit their website to see what they’re up to


Colour and style with Alastair Guy Playgrounds

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