3rd Oct 2014

Since the addition of Royal Exterior to our retail Woodcare Range, Clear Tough Coat is no longer the toughest kid on the Protek block.

Royal Exterior is the highest-spec, hardest-wearing, longest-lasting woodstain finish that we now manufacture, apart from Decking Stain that is specially formulated to withstand the extreme pressures of foot traffic and exposure.


To save confusion between which clear product is the toughest to use, we are changing the name of Clear Tough Coat to Clear Top Coat. For the transitional period and to allow people time to get used to the name change, we shall be referring to the product as Clear Top/Tough Coat on the website and colour labels for a few months, until phasing it out and over to Clear Top Coat.


Clear Top Coat sits within the Wood Stain & Protector range and is designed as a clear water-repellent weather-proofing coating. It can be applied on top of a coloured coating from within the Wood Stain & Protector range (or Shed & Fence) to prolong the life of that coating. For instance if one side of a shed is more exposed to the elements, a top coat of Clear Top Coat on this side will protect the coloured coating from being prematurely weathered.

Clear Top Coat contains boosted levels of waxes and acrylics to make it harder wearing than other coloured stains within the Wood Stain & Protector range.

Royal Exterior Clear is from the superior wood finish range and is therefore the highest spec wood stain producing the hardest wearing top coat. It can be used on its own or as a protective top coat over a coloured coating from any of our wood stain ranges. We would recommend this be used in areas of high exposure or on products such as garden furniture and planters that will be subjected to high levels of water and wear & tear.

Stable Coat Clear is designed to be used as a weather-proofing water-repellent coating on pressurised timber, where a coloured finish is not desired.

Clear Decking Stain is recommended for use on decking when a coloured stain is not desired. It can also be used as an alternative to Royal Exterior, being the hardest-wearing clear top coat with the highest level of water repellency.

Please note that whilst our clear stains filter UV light and slow-down the weathering process, they do not include a UV blocker so when applied to bare or untreated timber, the wood will still grey naturally over time.

In their liquid form, all of our Clear wood stains are milky in appearance but once applied will dry clear.

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