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Pots and Plants

Protek Wood Stain - Illuminate January

Illuminate January by painting terracotta pots to make a clean and simple statement in your home. White, off-whites and Taupe are so effortlessly stylish colours that work beautifully with white poinsettias and cyclamen, as just one example.


Take advantage of our Winter Sale to buy our samples pots and create your own beautiful scheme.


Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Snow White     Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Chine Clay     Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Taupe    Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Lime White

Upcycle old furniture

Upcycle old furniture


Upcycle old furniture - BeforeMuch joy can be experienced finding old furniture and giving it a new lease of life. We had a few old tired chairs at Protek, we rescued 2 unwanted chairs from a friend’s tip run and then (once the bug had bitten) trawled local charity shops to find a few more. We also found a small hardwood table that had been left outside and was so weather-beaten we were not sure we could salvage it. 


They were washed, repaired where needed and painted in some of our bolder colours.  They were painted in Royal Exterior Superior, it leaves a hard-wearing finish that is water resistant; perfect for stylish alfresco dining or funky fun to sit around a fire pit long into the evening.


Upcycle old furniture - AfterThese chairs were painted using just one sample pot each, why not have some fun and get creative in these winter months?


Colours used; Antique Rose, Spring Green, Passionate Plum (Coming Soon!) and Teal for the chairs. Beaumont Blue was used to restore the old table to look just like new.

Protek Winter Sale 2018

Protek Winter Sale 2017


Our Winter Sale has started. Enjoy 10% off all Protek RoyalWood Stain & Protector and Shed and Fence, including Sample Pots


Although it may not the best time of year to be painting exterior wood, you can always start planning the next outdoor project by ordering some sample tins to try. Alternatively take Protek inside, get creatively colourful and upcycle old furniture so it can then be used inside and out. 


Sale ends 28th February 2018.

This month's colours – December – A Royal Christmas

Protek Wood Stain - A Royal Christmas

Unbelievably December is here and we are storming towards Christmas and celebrations. Always a time of year to reflect and make plans. We have been having fun Christmas crafting with our Royal range painting decorations, reminding us of their great versatility and beautiful colours. We were particularly taken with how our Lime Green and Teal worked with the Gold (not yet available) to give a festive modern look. Why not give it a go?


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers.


Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Lime Green     Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Teal     Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Ice Blue    Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Lime White

Design a Nordic inspired scheme

Protek Wood Stain - Christmas with a Nordic theme


Protek Wood Stain - Sample Pots - Nordic ThemeDesign a Nordic inspired Christmas decoration scheme using a traditional palette of predominately Red and White softened with greens. We had fun being creative with cardboard decorations that were bought to life with careful painting in Snow, Pillarbox Red and Meadow Green from the Protek Royal range. Touches of sparkle and glitter couldn’t be resisted to add to the festive theme.


They were photographed inside our shed that had had a light wash like coat of Royal China Clay to add to the effect. 


Protek Wood Stain - Nordic Theme - what we've been up to

Making a wooden Christmas Tree

Protek Wood Stain - Making a wooden Christmas tree 


Wood off cuts

Tape measure





Small nails or tacks

Wood glue

Protek Royal Exterior or Wood Protector

Pot to put tree in


Protek Wood Stain - Make a Wooden Tree - What you will need



1. We have used off cuts of wood to make the Christmas tree, but you can use anything you have to hand. You will need one long piece as the ‘trunk’ that the rest of the ‘branches’ will fit onto. The sizes are entirely up to you and the wood you have available. We used one piece that was approximately 800mm x 220mm x 10mm for the ‘trunk’ and cut nine pieces from a piece 20mm x 8mm for the branches. The longest bottom branch is 340mm and they then decrease in size by 40mm, so the second to bottom is 30mm. 


2. Mark the pieces of wood to require lengths and cut. We clamped them to a work bench to make it easier.


Protek Wood Stain - Making a wooden tree - stages3. Once you have cut all the pieces of wood to the required lengths, mark the centre of them so they will be even on the trunk. Next, place them on the trunk so you can measure their final positions. We left the same size gap between the branches as the width of the piece of wood, so 20mm. Mark the top and bottom of the branch position on the trunk, so when you take them off, you know where they should go.


4. Cut the top of the trunk into a point if necessary, so it cannot be seen behind the first branch.


5. Start with the smallest branch (which will go at the top of the trunk) and place a small amount of glue on both the trunk and the branch. Place it on the trunk, making sure it is in the correct position (centred and evenly spaced) and hammer in a small nail or tack. Continue down the tree until all of the branches are in place.


6. Leave the tree for at least twenty four hours to ensure the glue has set.


7. We intended to put the tree in a pot so did not make a base for it. Measure the trunk and cut the length according the pot you have.


8. Paint the tree and pot in your chosen colour.


Brush Black on Black Friday, 11% off the FULL RANGE for this weekend

Protek Wood Stain - Black Friday


No. 1, Wood Stain and Protector in Ebony - Fabulous economy wood stain that leaves a strong black colour and good protection


No. 2, Royal Exterior Wood Finish in Black - Quick drying so excellent for use in November it leaves a solid black colour with a sheen finish


No. 3, Stable Coat in Black - The latest technology deployed to give a highly water repellent finish after just one coat. Perfect for spraying big areas where good protection is required. Recommended by professional yards, seen here at Paul Nicholls racing yard in Ditcheat


Don't miss out, we are offering 11% Off the Full Range,thats ALL colours and ALL ranges, just for this weekend, Fri 24th to midnight on Sun 26th November*

Protek - Painting it black this black Friday


* Excludes all accessories

This month's colours – November – Bonfire

Protek Wood Stain - Bonfire

Autumn has arrived in Somerset and the county is alive with colour. Pumpkins and gourds come in all different shapes sizes and colours and the last of the apples have been picked from trees. The excitement of bonfire night approaches, where we can stomp through the fallen leaves to watch the thrilling displays. This month we have chosen Midnight Blue (Protek Royal) to represent the night sky, the back drop for the Whizz Bang Boom of the fervid fireworks! 


Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Midnight Blue     Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Teal     Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Drawing Room Gold    Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Saffron

Winter is Coming

Protek Wood Stain - Winter is Coming


Protect your garden timbers with Protek Stable Coat. It is manufactured using the latest technology using the most environmentally friendly ingredients. The coating incorporates an ultra-high performance water repellent additive that uses nanotechnology to deliver an extremely hydrophobic layer of protection. 


Bench with no stainIt is especially good to use on pressure treated timbers that while they are preserved against rot and fungus they are still exposed to degradation by the elements. If you have products like this bench that has weathered, it is easy to apply a rejuvenating coat that will bring back the colour and give high water protection.


Protek Stable Coat - Light GreenThe bench has been treated with Stable Coat Light Green, which leaves a beautiful natural stain finish. 


For freshly treated and new timber products we recommend Pale Green as it is the same colour as tantalised timber and so prolongs the colour and makes it water resistant.

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