Bird Safety and our Wood Stains

If like us you enjoy seeing our feathered friends in your garden then you will be delighted to know that our range of wood stains are safe to use on bird boxes. 


Working with the RSPB we have found that our water based Wood Stain & Protect range is safe for all types of animal housing including birds. Our EN71-3 reports no traces of chemicals harmful to animals and birds, including chicks. On the strength of this the RSPB are happy to use and endorse Wood Stain and Protect along with the National Trust who already have Wood Stain and Protect on their bird feeders and houses.

Bird Boxes in amazing colours

Why use Protek

As all our paints are water based with no hidden nasties and low odour they are perfect for using on bird boxes. For bird boxes we would recommend from our range  Timber Eco Shield, Wood Stain and Protect or Royal Exterior. 


If Our tips for painting a bird box

Most bird boxes are made of wood and will be fine when hung in their natural state, as untreated, unpainted wood most closely resembles birds’ natural nesting environments.


However pressure-treated wood is not recommended for bird box construction, so you may choose to paint yours to help preserve it and extend its life. A painted bird box can also make an interesting feature in your garden.


Unpainted hardwood bird houses, such as those made from cedar or cypress will withstand the weather quite well and can last for up to 15 years. But softwood bird house made of pine or plywood can rot quickly in wet weather and so may last longer with a coat of paint.


Tips for maintaining the bird box

You can breathe new life back into an older box but simply sanding and repainting. 

Don’t paint inside the box, as much as we like a painted wall, the birds don’t need it! 

Bird Box Safety

Traditional Colours

The more muted natural shades that blend in with the surroundings of the garden/ space. These would include browns, greens, or greys.  Great for hiding in foliage or matching the garden fence or wall.

Bright Colours

A brightly coloured box, as fun as they are, they could be conspicuous to predators also, place them high in your garden. Birds see colours very well and if you want attract a nesting female, go bright red.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours work well in a flower filled garden as they would blend in perfectly.


Dark Colours

The trend for Black and Anthracite Grey in the gardens is huge BUT avoid dark colours for a bird box.  Dark coloured bird boxes will absorb heat and the temperature inside could rise to dangerous levels on warmer days, either suffocating chicks or encouraging the growth of toxic bacteria.


Our advice to is to choose light colours, but not white as this can signal alarm and danger, and position your bird box in a shady spot.