Bike Shed Makeover

16th Jul 2012

Protek Wood Stain Bike Shed makeoverThis tired old shed was in desperate need of a makeover. The coating was looking very old, tired, worn and shabby plus there was a lot of algae growing on the bottom boards.

First job was to wash down the walls with warm water and detergent, thoroughly scrubbing the algae to make sure that all of it was removed. Next was to make a cup of tea and relax while the wood dried off.

In order to get the best possible results you should always sand down old coatings before applying new. This allows the product to penetrate the wood properly and perform at its best. However, many of us are limited by time so you can over-paint existing weathered coatings as long as you clean it properly beforehand. It just means you will have to re-apply earlier than if you had sanded back. This picture shows how well Wood Protector Beaumont Blue has over-painted the old coating.

3 coats of Wood Protector were applied to get the desired solid looking colour over the old paint.
Next on the list will be to re-roof the shed to something a little more sophisticated. It is also highlighting the fact that the garden furniture is in need of some tlc and the fence could do with a spot of colour too!

Protek Wood Stain Bike Shed makeover results!

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