Ben Introduces White

21st Jul 2010

White Wood StainChelsea flower show this year was resplendent with pale grey and white landscaping that really set off lush green foliage and accompanied white flowers. Protek have for a while offered a range of grey wood stains and now we boldly add white to the range.

Protek Wood Stain & Protector White has been a little while in development. The nature of a woodstain is to allow something of the timber beneath to show through. This meant that the colour was always off white, to get a satisfactory white required too many coats.

Along with the rest of the range we want the absolute best results from a one or two coat finish. To achieve this we have had to load the wood stain heavily with white pigment. The pigment used is Titanium di Oxide which is naturally occurring and safe enough to be used in food.

With a woodstain you need a relatively thin product that will get into the surface of the timber to colour and protect it, it’s also very important to keep the wood grain showing through. White emulsion paint and gloss paint are full of thickeners that increase the colour concentration on the surface by making a very thick coating. Adding loads of gum, clay or thickeners would detract from the performance and the appearance of Protek Wood Stain & Protector.

If you are looking for a whitewash or a liming effect you can still paint a thin layer of white and then maybe finish it with the Clear Tough Coat. For those who are after a pure white finish having twice the amount of pigment does mean only painting half the number of coats.

So the Wood Stain & Protector White is priced differently to the other colours in the range but when you find you have to do half the number of coats it will be worth every penny.

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