Animal Friendly

We are a nation, and in our case a business of animal lovers. We have plenty of them between us… fact some of our four legged friends even come to work in the office!!  But whether you have a rabbit, a guinea pig, a cat, a dog, a snake (yes, honestly, we have snakes) or even a horse, all our wood stains and paints are animal friendly. 


Pet owners should choose paints and wood stains that are labelled “No VOC” or “Low VOC. The biggest danger of paint fumes for your animals is lung inflammation, the fumes from the solvents can irritate their respiratory system, that could lead to pneumonia. You may also see irritation of their skin and eyes, along with an unpleasant upset stomach. 

Animal safety paints in caring colours

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into the air as the paint dries, some of these can be carcinogens and are a risk to health, especially in enclosed areas like animal housing When Protek started almost 40 years ago most people used lead based paints and creosote BUT we wanted to be different, so we worked on a formulation that was water based. Because all our products are water based, low odour,low VOC’s and non-toxic,  they are totally safe to use around animals. 


In addition, all our products are regularly tested and checked against European Safety rules. ALL of the stains and paints have passed EN71-3 which reports no traces of chemicals harmful to animals making them safe to use as well as being suitable for animal housing.  


So, you can give your rabbit hutch or stable a new coat of paint and create a stunning new home for them in the knowledge that it is as safe as houses! 


We recommend that the treatment is allowed to fully dry before the animals are introduced.


What wood stains and paints do we recommend for what?

Pets - Animal safety paints in caring colours


Our Stable Coat is a brilliant waterproofing product that is used by professional yards. It’s great value and easy to use . You can spray it, which makes the job even faster. The horses can even go back in the same day. 


Available in a range of traditional colours suitable for stables. Pale Green, is that just pressure treated timber look, perfect for keeping your stables looking fresh and new. Golden Brown is the colour we did to copy the old creosote look, and Black the ultimate style statement for a stable.


You can keep your hutches the standard colour they come in, but upgrade the treatment and use weather-proof Timber Eco Shield for that more natural look.   Or give them a designer home in greys and neutrals, like Thumper & Flower.


It is really important that rabbits, guinea pigs, general furry friends have space to hop, run, exercise and play.  Whether your ‘accommodation’ is indoors or outdoors, we have plenty of rabbit friendly wood stains for you.


There are lots of choices to suit your taste and budget, so you could always really spoil them and give them a splash of Royal Exterior Wood Finish.

Hutches - Animal safety paints in caring colours

Chicken Coops

Our Wood Stain & Protect will create a colourful coop…. Here is a throwback to (and an all-time favourite) our 2012 Win with Wood Winner, Derek Saunders from Cambridge. Derek painted stripes on his own designed and beautifully built coop to re-home hens he was asked to take on. 


Whether you decide to keep the coops in their natural wood or make a bold and colourful statement we have a huge range of hen friendly wood stains available. Our Wood Stain and Protect will transform the coop into a mini palace just perfect for laying an egg or two!


So, our top pick of safe paint for your chicken coops are:

Chicken Coup - Animal safety paints in caring colours