24th Apr 2014

New Protek BrochureFor the last few months we have been busily working with a specialist studio to create digital colour swatches for all colours within our entire retail range.

These swatches are created by taking photos of blocks of untreated softwood painted with two coats of wood stain and photographed in a controlled studio environment. Each individual swatch is then painstakingly inspected to make sure that the image created is as precise a reproduction as possible of the original colour. The digital files are then sent off to a specialist printer with each printed proof being re-examined to again ensure preciseness of copy.

Now that all 125+ images have been approved new brochures are being printed with new colour charts and updated information sheets for each range. The same studio has also produced new pack shot images to replace my slightly amateur versions!

Next begins the task of updating the website and marketing material with the new digital colour swatches, colour charts, information sheets and pack shots. These updates will be made over the next couple of months with new material going out to our stockists and resellers asap.

Four new colours will also be added to our Wood Stain & Protector range. Whitewash has been on sale for a while but is finally making an entry on to the colour chart. The other three colours being added are all based on favourite bright and fun primary colours, being Bristol Blue, Grass Green and Fire Engine Red.

Tough Coat is also having a makeover and is being re-named Top Coat to make it easier to understand. Since the introduction of our high-quality superior Royal range Tough Coat is no longer the ‘toughest kid on the block’ and this has been causing some confusion. Clear Top Coat is also undergoing some formulation improvements and will be re-marketed as a Clear Top Coat to be applied over the top of Wood Stain & Protector colours. It is a protective top coat created to be used to protect the coating where only one coloured coating is desired or in areas that are subjected to a lot of wear and tear or exposure.

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