A New Look for Wood Stain

21st Aug 2013

Wood Stain and Shed and Fence

We are very happy to announce that the new packs for our Wood Stain & Protector and Shed & Fence ranges have arrived from the manufacturers and some are already whizzing out of the factory door.

The new look 5 litre tubs are part of a drive to refresh and modernise label designs making them more attractive, easy to read and unify them in to the new label design that will be leading through our entire retail range.

Shed & Fence will still be sold predominantly in the traditional 5 litre yellow polys with some retailers moving to the buckets or a combination of both. For home delivery from our online shop we are sticking to the poly packaging as we have found this packaging to be the strongest and most suitable for courier deliveries.

The new packaging also incorporates a new concept that should help lead people through the complicated world of wood stains. Protek are introducing a Step system on labelling to identify what products are pre-treatments (Step 1), which are products to colour and protect against the elements (Step 2), and additional protective coatings (Step 3).

Our Application Guide, Product Information pages and marketing material will also be re-written to reflect the new Steps and make buying, applying and maintaining wood stains a lot easier!

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