“Love Your Garden” heals more souls

Love Your Garden heals more souls

The nation’s favourite gardening series, “Love Your Garden” returned to ITV1 for another series on Tuesday 25th June at 8pm.


For the fourth year running the production company Spun Gold TV, selected Protek wood stains for the series. The team skilfully use Protek’s diverse range of coloured wood stains to create striking backdrops to planting and often use the stains as an integral feature of the gardens.


Caroline from Protek says “Being a fan of the series I am delighted that ‘Love Your Garden’ are using our wood stains again this year. We feel very proud and privileged to be part of such a wonderful production and each year I look forward to seeing how they use our colours in their garden designs.


This year one of the garden transformations was taking place in Moorland, Somerset and they had an enormous amount of painting to get through. As our manufacturing factory is based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, only about 30 minutes away from the garden, I very happily donned my overalls, enlisted the help of my mum and drove down to the site with a boot full of Royal Exterior Snow wood stain to help the team.


The couple that live in the house had been through a terrible ordeal with Sheila battling breast cancer and within weeks of coming home from hospital they were evacuated from their house after the floods struck. Their garden was a haven for Sheila but got totally destroyed by the floodwaters.

Alan Titchmarsh and the ‘Love Your Garden’ team came up with a beautifully soothing design for the garden taking inspiration from New England. White painted picket fences personify this instantly recognisable style used alongside soft attractive planting.


Mum and I spent the day painting everything in sight from picket fences & planters to arches and fence screening. The old back boundary fencing was painted with Royal Exterior Anthracite Grey wood finish to create a striking contrast to the soft planting and white paint.


It was great meeting members of the team that work so hard to create these amazing garden havens. I got to see David Domoney again who is an absolute inspiration to me and another highlight was that mum and I got to meet Alan Titchmarsh who has been a hero of ours for years!


Most importantly it was an honour to be able to supply and assist with helping out some local Somerset people affected by the devastating floods that troubled so many.”