Love Your Garden 2017 - Episode 2

Love Your Garden - Episode 2 2017

Royal Exterior Mendip Mist stole the show in Episode 2 as Alan and his team transformed a grim concrete yard in Salford into a classic cottage garden for 87-year-old twins Rita and Betty Mills. Having lived in Salford all of their lives, the twins recently moved into their new bungalow for health reasons and have never wavered in devoting their lives to helping others, so Alan and his team work to transform their concrete patch of dismal cracked pavers and hard edges into a beautiful cottage-style outdoor space where they can relax.


A beautiful garden with a retro feel was created and Mendip Mist was used on the arbour and summerhouse to help enhance the soft peaceful atmosphere. Protek Wood Stain & Protector in Whitewash was used to paint the fences to stunning effect.