An Exotic Paradise in Leighton Buzzard

Love Your Garden - Asian inspired garden in Leighton Buzzard

As seen on TV…. What an incredible transformation.


The Love Your Garden team created an exotic Thai inspired garden in Leighton Buzzard that was the perfect tropical retreat for Jo, Kelly, Flynn and their rescue dogs.


The team created clear areas.


For the dogs…David Domoney made a very stylish outside shower and a boggy area to play. There was even a dog composting toilet…yes seriously!

Love Your Garden - Asian inspired garden in Leighton Buzzard

An entertaining space was created in the corner of the garden by making a Thai Sala. Katie Rushworth got the look by customising a pergola and adding extra details to make it look ornate. The wood was painted in Royal Exterior Cedar Wood and Royal Metallic Gold.  It looked fit for royalty!


Next to it was a little water feature, that gave the calm, zen vibe but safely for the dogs.


The love of gold continued with the Buddha painted in Royal Metallic Gold. Spandau Ballet and Keith Lemon eat your hearts out!!


At the back of the garden Alan used plenty of green foliage to create a jungle feel. 

The key is layering with large plants (some of them were huge!!) at the back to smaller at the front.  All the plants were stunning shades and yet hardy ready to survive a British winter.  


There was lots of large rocks, stones and gravel that really finished it all off.


They set out to create an exotic paradise and they certainly did.


Get the look with this week’s hero colours 

Royal Metallics - Gold - Buddha

Royal Exterior Cedar Wood - Pergola

Royal Exterior Warm Oak - Fence