Has your exterior wood been pre-treated by the manufacturer?

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If you are installing a new log cabin, summerhouse, or garden office, how is it protected? In the UK’s wonderfully varied climate your outside wood needs to be protected from the wet weather, rot fungi and possible attack by wood boring insects. Some buildings come pressure treated, this is a process where preservatives are forced into the timber under high pressure, after all the air from the timber’s cells has been vacuumed out. This leaves long-lasting protection against rot and decay. Pressure treated timber is usually a light greenish/brown colour and your building suppliers will say if it comes treated this way.


Some buildings come untreated, if this is the case we recommend applying our Wood Preserver ++ as a primer to any of our great top-coats that will add colour and weather protection. In fact, many of the UKs top timber building suppliers, that have used Protek for many years, recommend that you do just that.

Add Wood Preserver ++ to your basket then choose your free sample pot(s) these will be discounted at the checkout for you.

Has your outdoor wood been pre-treated?

Have you pre-treated your timber - yes

Then make sure it's also protected from the weather by applying one of our top coats


Have you pre-treated your timber - not sure

Best to check with the supplier, they'll be able to tell you, then come back here!


However, pressure treated timber is usually a light greenish/brown colour and your building suppliers should say if it comes treated this way.

Have you pre-treated your timber - no

Some buildings come untreated, if this is the case we recommend applying our Wood Preserver ++ before applying one of our top coats.

If No, WHY Wood Preserver ++?
All our products offer great protection for your wood, but they are not classified as wood preservatives. Under very strict legislation governing wood preservatives these products must not only have minimum impact on their environment they must be effective. If your wood has been treated with a wood preservative, it will protect it from rot and prolong its life.


Our Wood Preserver ++ is a highly effective wood preservative that is water-based with low VOCs and odourless when dry. It is effective against moulds, wood destroying and wood discolouring fungi as well as against wood boring insects. It has excellent penetration into the layers of the wood and leaves an adhesive surface ready for our top coats.


So is my timber now fully protected?
No, you also need to protect it from the weather with a top coat.


How we would like to help

We know how much of an investment a new timber building can be, so we are giving away free sample tester pots with all purchases of our Wood Preserver ++ so you can start the full protection of your building, while choosing which colour and product works best in your outdoor space.

Untreated and treated wood


We are currently offering a number of free sample pots of our wood stains & paints when you buy any size of our Wood Preserver ++. i.e if you buy a 5 litre tin of Wood Preserver ++ you can then choose 3 free sample pots from any of the following ranges to further protect your projects. (discount applied during checkout).

Wood Stain & Protect, Royal Exterior, Timber Eco Shield, Shed and Fence, Decking Stain & Stable Coat.

How this offer works

1 litre tin of Wood Preserver ++ = 1 free sample pot
2.5 litre tin of Wood Preserver ++ = 2 free sample pots
5 litre tin of Wood Preserver ++ = 3 free samples pots
20 litre drum of Wood Preserver ++ = 4 free sample pots

If you need more technical detail on this product please see this really helpful Wood Preserver ++ Information PDF >

What are the stages for this project?

Stages of treating your wood

Stage 1 - Apply 2 coats of Wood Preserver ++

Stage 2 - Leave at least 24 hours before applying top coat

Stage 3 - While leaving Wood Preserver ++ to cure have a play with your free sample pots to choose your colour and order

Stage 4 - Apply 2 - 3 coats of your chosen top coat


What are the key advantages of Wood Preserver ++?

Key Advantage 1 - 6 -8 ㎡ coverage per litre

Key Advantage 2 - Easy brush application

Key Advantage 3 - Water clean up, no nasties needed

Key Advantage 4 - Quick drying


Key advantages of Wood Preserver ++

What does Wood Preserver ++ protect against?

It is a sophisticated formulation based on renewable resource technology, it is effective against blue stain according to EN152 and against decay fungus (brown rot fungi) according to EN113, EN73 & EN84. 


Penetrates wood easily and thereby gets deep into inner layers.


Also moisture regulating and provides an adhesive surface for subsequent treatment with finishing paints or stains (top coat).

Protek Products to protect our garden buildings

“We highly recommend using Protek Products to protect our garden buildings. We find one coat of Wood Preserver ++ followed by two coats of Royal Exterior offers an excellent protection. The products are very easy to apply and the choice of colours look fantastic. The range has brought our new display site in Devon to life, the new for 2022 range have proved incredibly popular, my new favourite being Faded Terracotta. Using Protek will not only protect your cabin for years to come but also enhance any garden.” Jacob Thorn, Summerhouse24

Summerhouse24 building on ITV's Love Your Garden painted in Protek Timber Eco Shield in Black

Summerhouse 24
Untreated timber building
Treated and 1st top coat of timber building
Treated and 2nd top coat of timber building