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So many green wood stains to choose from

When it comes to green wood stain you are on to a classic, and we have lots of them! But green is not as standard as you would think, we have so many varying tones of green which can show many different personalities in yourself, we have beautiful classic greens and the ones on the more daring end.


I have outlined below the type of project or effect you could be looking for which products you could choose, hope this helps. And don't forget all these products will protect your wood for years and in a specially designed eco-friendly format too!


The Painted Look

The painted look in the garden has been very on trend recently, with lots of trail blazers going for really dark shades, something we will be seeing much more off, for the painted look our Royal Exterior Wood Finish works a dream, comes in the following shades and is suitable for all wood surfaces. It has a painted effect more than a stained look as is very thick and lux and will protect and love your wood for years.


Royal Exterior - Lime White  Royal Exterior - Spring Green  Royal Exterior - Pond Green  Royal Exterior - Olive Green  Royal Metallic Exterior - Sage Leaf  Royal Exterior - Meadow Green  Royal Exterior - Giddy Green  Royal Exterior - Lime Green  Royal Exterior - Jungle Green  Royal Exterior - Forest Green  Royal Exterior - Ivy Green


The Stained Look

The stained look is one of the more classic you would expect, and we do have these for sure, that's why they are classics! But we also have some that push the green. Again this will love and protect your wood for years.

Wood Stain and Protect - Willow  Wood Stain and Protect - Soft Sage  Wood Stain and Protect - Pale Sage  Wood Stain and Protect - Grass Green  Wood Stain and Protect - Spruce


Perfect for Decking

Most of know what a job it is to re-stain the decking, but we;ve endevoured to make this job almost a pleasure with our specially designed decking stain, and we have a gorgeous range of greens. 

Decking Stain - Light Green  Decking Stain - Dark Green


Shed and Fence

Specifically created to do the job for the best of prices! Our Shed and Fence have amazing coverage and is great for great big areas such as these, but the difference here is you get it in greens enjoy.

Shed and Fence - Dark Green  Shed and Fence - Light Green  Shed and Fence - Moss Green  Shed and Fence - Pale Green


Timber Eco Shield

Our amazing Timber Eco Shield gives a traditional matt wood stain finish in a range of natural colours. It's gorgeous and even when applied to brand new wood will give you that beautiful and timeless look, and as always using the latest wood protection technolog and in green we adore it!

Timber Eco Shield - Moss Green  Timber Eco Shield - Pale Green


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