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Quick and Easy Easter Homemade Gift

Quick Easter homemade gift in Wood PaintWe were looking for something different to paint for Easter, not just the usual egg shapes, and found an adorable fairy door with bunny ears at The Wooden Shape Company It’s made out of smooth plywood and came with a variety of little accessories.


We chose pastel ice cream shades from our Royal range as the base and added a little bling with Gold from the Metallics range. The fairy door came in sections (outer edge, window frame etc), which made it much easier to paint. We did use a small artist brush to keep it neat and make sure we could do all the fine details. Little preparation was needed as the door was already smooth (no sanding needed!), just put old newspaper or similar underneath to catch any drips or spills. To give an even finish we paint two coats, allowing the first to dry before applying the second. The colours we used were: main door Eggshell Blue, out edge Ice Blue, window frame French Lilac, inner ears and heart Lemon Yellow, bunny and door knocker Metallic Gold.


Once it was all dry we stuck the parts together using wood glue, but you could probably use any glue that would dry clear. Don’t put too much on or it will ooze out around the edges when pressed together. If you do put too much on, wipe away any excess with a cloth before it dries.




Royal Metallic Exterior - Gold  Royal Interior - Egg Shell Blue   Royal Interior - Ice Blue  Royal Interior - French Lilac  Royal Interior - Lemon


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