Pick your perfect white wood stain for your garden

Right now white wood stains and paints in the garden are all about, but how to choose the right one can often feel like a big task, there are many choices out there, and even within just our product range we have lots for you. I have setout below the type of project or effect you could be looking for which products you could choose, hope this helps. Remember all these products will protect your wood for years and in a specially designed eco-friendly format too!


Don't forget, sample pots for wood are great as different colours can appear different on all woods!

The Painted Look

The painted look in the garden has been very on trend recently something we will be seeing much more off, for the painted look our Royal Exterior Wood Finish works a dream, comes in the following shades and is suitable for all wood surfaces. I've put in a few creamey shades as well for you! It has a painted effect more than a stained look as is very thick and lux and will protect and love your wood for years.

The Stained Look

If you want a more stained look but still in great white or cream colour, here are your options. Again this will love and protect your wood for years.