Natural Wood Stain Never Goes Out of Fashion

We all love the big birght colours on our wood but sometimes you just can't beat the natural look! We have lots of products that are designed for this and designed for specific effects, I've listed these below and when they are all water-based, chlild, pet and plant friendly it makes the decision and the work so much better for you! And don't forget all these products will protect your wood for years! 

Royal Exterior Wood Finish

Our premium product it's a high performance product with a quick drying time and good scuff resistance. Offers a translucent satin-matt finish with good grain enhancement. Requires two to three coats and is suitable for smooth or rough timber.

Wood Stain and Protect

Another top quality garden stain that waterproofs, nourishes and protects all types of external timber, providing your garden with all year round colour and protection.