Easy Laundry Basket Upcycle

Laundry Basket Upcycle

When we started the laundry basket make-over we couldn’t quite decide what colour to paint it; whether to be bold and brave and paint it a strong colour, or choose a more neutral, go with anything shade. We were bold with the first choice of Royal Heritage Blue, but then decided we could do both!  To give a quick new look to our laundry basket, we went with Royal Cashmere, a luxurious neutral tone that would go with the Royal Metallics Bronze already used as a highlight colour.


We painted straight over the top of the Royal Heritage Blue with the Royal Cashmere and because of it’s great formulation, it only needed two coats to cover the Heritage Blue. As before, make sure you prepare well; put a dust sheet or old newspaper down, tape any edges if you’re not very confident with getting a straight line and wait for the first coat to dry before applying the next. 

Laundry basket before
Laundry basket with masking tape
Prep for laundry basket upcycle