A rose garden for 90 year old Mary

A rose garden for Mary

Alan wanted to create a rose garden that 90 year old Mary had always dreamed of as well as a space for her to sit and relax. 


What did he do?

Alan created three main zones;

- A row of arches covered in roses made a fragrant walkway to a focal point at the end.


- A dining area in front of the shed becomes a courtyard garden complete with a water feature.  


- An expanding pergola outside the house provided another seating area. Perfect for a cuppa.


Surrounding the zones were the new fences that provided instant privacy.  They were painted in Royal Exterior Warm Clay.  This warm neutral colour created a perfect backdrop to the colourful planting.

Water feature
Alan Titchmarsh and Mary

Katie performed a makeover on the shed. She painted the shed in Warm Clay and added a little window box to transform it into a pretty summer house. Cedar tiles on the roof gave it a lovely rustic look.  

The pebble dash house wall was given a makeover with a painted trellis (also painted in Warm Clay) and planted with a camellia and interesting spreading plants.


Pale walkways and raised beds made the garden easy to care for and easy to access.

Needless to say Mary and her daughter were thrilled with the result.   

Well done team.  Another triumph.