Win with Wood 2016 competition open until Friday 30th September ‘16

Win with Wood 2016 competition open until Friday 30th September ‘16



Protek’s Win with Wood competition is open up until Friday 30th September 2016. You can send in your photos whenever you like and they will be stored until the competition closes and judging commences. Winners and runners up will be informed during October with official results and photos being released in a special edition newsletter.


Entries will be judged on originality and use of colours and can be complex or impressively simple. The competition is a celebration of the use of our wood stains on timber products and can showcase garden projects or interior makeovers on furniture, accessories or original works of art.


First prize is a beautifuuly crafted Costwold 5ft bench from Hutton Garden Products RRP £325.00 For your chance to win, just send us pictures of your Protek wood stain projects. Entries can be anything from a piece of art, lovingly transformed piece of wood furniture, front door, pergola or summerhouse.


First prize is a beautifully crafted Cotswold 5ft bench from Hutton Garden Products RRP £325.00 plus free tins of Royal Superior Wood Finish in your chosen colour(s) worth over £115.00 and a selection of goodies! Second place winner will receive an attractive Worthing Hanging Bird Table from the Hutton Premium bird range and Third place will receive a 20% discount voucher from our online shop. Runners up will be awarded a 15% discount voucher from our online shop with everyone receiving a 10% discount voucher to say thanks for taking the time to send in an entry!




Win with Wood Winner 2015






How to Enter


Get some Protek wood stain and use it to transform your wood, old or new, big or small

Take a high resolution photo of your entry at at least 300DPI (we’ll need this high quality picture if you’re a winner)

Make a note of what range(s) and colour(s) you used and any other comments you’d like to share

Follow entry instructions as below selecting what options suits you best



Simply email your picture(s) to with your name and details from point 3. above



Compose a tweet containing a link to a lower resolution version of your entry picture (using your choice of photo sharing tool - Smartphone Twitter App/Twitpic/Instagram etc) and include the following tags in your tweet: #WinWithWood @ProtekWoodStain and at least one of the following depending on your project:


Win with Wood runners up 2105

#decking   #fences   #gardenfurniture   #gardening  #sheds #competition   #summerhouse   #logcabin   #chalet  

#timberbuilding  #diy


An example tweet would look like this:

“Here’s a pic of my summerhouse makeover project as my entry for #WinWithWood @ProtekWoodStain #gardening pic.”



1) If you haven’t already, join, and follow Protek Wood Stain’s Pinterest boards
2) Launch a new Pinterest board, and name it “My Win With Wood entry”
3) Fill this board with at least 2 pins — One of your Win Win Wood entry photo and also pin the product(s) you used from the protekwood site (i.e pin the product tub/tin image with appropriate colour swatch) You’ll see we’ve created an example board for reference Note: You must keep a high resolution version of your image at a minimum of 300DPI so we can use your entry
4) Tag your entry pin with #winwithwood and #protekwoodstain
5) Once done, visit and comment on this pin with a link to your “My Win with Wood entry!” Remember, you must be a member of to enter, and you must be following the Protek Wood Stain’s Pinterest boards. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you can sign up for one at


Video Clip Bonus!!

This year we would also like to receive video clips of you carrying out your Protek projects. For any video clip we can use we will automatically issue a 20% discount voucher for our online shop. You can upload clips to a free transfer site such as WeTransfer and email the link to


By entering the competition you are giving permission for Protek to use your image for marketing purposes via any medium they so wish. You are also guaranteeing that your image is your unique Protek project. When sending in video clips they must be of a sound nature with permission from all participating in the clip. All rights are transferred to Protek on entry. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your entry and winners will be confirmed by Friday 22nd October 2016.