Wood Stain & Protect

Wood Stain & Protect is a multi-purpose, water-repellent quality coating that colours and protects the whole garden. Protek Wood Stain & Protect provides weather-proofing protection to all types of timber and is so good that it will even adhere to masonry and terracotta pots.


Protek Wood Stain & Protect is a water-based wood stain with very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and good eco-credentials. This quality wood stain creates a quick-drying micro-porous coating that contains a mould inhibitor to protect the coating. Once dry it is not harmful to plants, children or animals making it the ideal choice not only for fencing and sheds, but playhouses and animal housing.


Protek Wood Stain & Protect is a high-build formulation that enriches and allows the nature of the wood and grain to show through. It leaves a matt finish with the colour and sheen being intensified with the application of further coats. To create a solid colour with lighter shades more coats will be required or alternatively use Protek Royal Exterior, a higher-grade product with a thicker paint-like consistency that leaves an instant opaque coating.

Available in 36 inspiring colours and complimentary shades that rejuvenate old and tired looking timber transforming fences and sheds from eyesores in to focal points of a stunning garden design. The use of blended organic pigments ensures that the colours are bright, pure and long lasting.

For use on all outside wood that is not in direct contact to soil or surface water.


Matt with sheen increasing with further coats


2 – 4 years depending on levels of wear & tear + exposure


1 coat on fencing with 2-3 coats for sheds & housing


Approx. 6 – 12m2 per litre per coat. Coverage rates for 1st coat and rough-sawn timber will be at the lower end

Apply By

Brush, Roller or HVLP pump-up sprayer

Drying Time

Touch-dry in 2 hours in normal weather. Allow approx. 2-6 hours before applying 2nd coat if conditions are clear and dry. Drying time will be far longer in cold humid conditions

VOC & Odour


Suitable For

Vertical Softwood surfaces
Planed & Rough-Sawn timber
Fencing; Sheds; Play Houses; Trellises & Obelisks;
Arbours & Pergolas; Pots & Planters

Available In

1 Litre, 2.5 Litre & 5 litre tin or 25 litre drum


For areas or objects subjected to high levels of exposure or wear & tear we recommend that a top coat of Clear Top Coat be applied for extra protection. A lighter stain effect can be produced by applying a single coat of a colour with Clear Top Coat on top to provide full levels of protection