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Your Garden, Your Style
Your Garden, Your Style



We love a make-over and it appears you do to.  There is nothing better than seeing a before and after.  Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the whole country has got busy painting and improving their gardens, garden buildings and outdoor space.


Over the last year we have seen some amazing gardens (in all shapes and sizes) with some impressive ideas.  We particularly enjoy seeing our paint being used, which is why we are launching a competition – Your Garden, Your Style.


To enter please complete the entry form and upload two high quality (before and after) photos from your garden makeover and send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


It could be a shed, a fence, a veg patch, a home office, a deck, a pergola, an outside kitchen, a wendy house or a stable, we just want to see what you have done.  It can be a new look for this year, from 2020 or from 2019.  We are happy to see entries from the last 2 years.


Entries close on Midnight on September 5th 2021.   The winners will be chosen by Protek. 


If you are sharing on social media use #yourgardenyourstyle and #loveprotek hashtags.


The winner will receive a week’s staycation (1) in a lovely barn conversion in Somerset, the home of Protek Wood Stain.  The barn sleeps 4-6 people. Perfect for a family get away or 2 sets of friends. It has a value of £1k.  

1.Subject to availability


The three runners up will each receive £120 of paint…ready for the next project!



We are delighted to be able to share our latest colour with you
Justin @design_at_nineteen
The NEW D19 Nude Taupe has been designed with interior designer Justin

The NEW D19 Nude Taupe has been designed with interior designer Justin Coakley. Justin has a fabulous Instagram account called design_at_nineteen.  His style is very simple but hugely effective which is why he was awarded Evening Standards Top 20 Renovation accounts to follow in 2020.


Last summer he transformed his boring back garden into a stylish, modern space that was good enough to work, eat and relax in.  It was described recently as ‘the most copied garden on Instagram’.



The NEW D19 Nude Taupe has been designed with interior designer Justin

What did he do?


The fences were all painted black. He used Wood Stain and Protect Ebony. The fences looked stunning and provided the perfect backdrop to his green and white planting of alliums, grasses, ferns, jasmine and olive trees. The neighbours loved the black fences so much that they all did the same!


A new pergola was erected and also painted in Wood Stain and Protect Ebony.  A table and benches provided a stylish place to eat and the hanging swing chair was perfect for relaxing in.


The new home office created a peaceful space to work and design in and ……of course it was black!


With all that black, Justin added white in the form of walls and floor tiles instantly lightening the look.  The monochrome garden was done.


As the season rolled on Justin decided that the white raised beds looked dirty and had lost their shine.  He wanted a new neutral shade that would still compliment the style and design in the garden. 


Justin @design_at_nineteen Taupe

And that’s where it all started. We sent him a range of our neutral greys and browns to experiment with, but none of them were quite right.  So, we offered to make him his own taupe colour.  We made it. He loved it.


Justin used the taupe to paint his raised beds, which were rendered. The wood stain is designed for wood, but as it is so versatile that it can be used on multiple surfaces.


Justin’s taupe is a lovely earthy tone that sits between grey and brown and will provide a neutral backdrop to his garden, and hopefully yours. As a natural base colour, it works well against whites and blacks as well as green garden foliage.


Available in Royal Exterior and Royal Interior.

Pot sizes; Sample 125ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litres, 5 litres and 25 litres.

“This warm, welcoming and calm neutral will transform your garden beautifully into an urban oasis” Justin @design_at_nineteen


Justin @design_at_nineteen


Royal Exterior Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range

Royal Interior Shop Range




Plant Friendly
Plant safety paints in caring colours

It’s springtime and the bulbs are looking ready to burst, which hopefully means the end of the cold wet Winter and brings a long-awaited return to our gardens. Whether you have acres, a long skinny garden, a deck, or a balcony we know that planting and plants will brighten your day and your outlook.


Small planters for window painted in Royal Lime Green and Warm Clay

During the lockdown more people than ever connected with nature, embraced their space and took up gardening.  Apparently 27 million people garden in the UK. 


A survey by the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that unsurprisingly gardening is linked to longer life, and this can provide the perfect replacement for exercise, and stops a non-healthy sedentary lifestyle.


Not only that, but gardening is also said to increase happiness, with the activity bringing about a sense of peace and well- being as well as relieving stress.


Arbour seat and planters painted in Royal Hadspen Blue and Winter Sky

We often get asked 

what to use to freshen up last year’s planters, tart up the window boxes, or how to paint the shed behind an established plant like a clematis.


The answers are fortunately very easy, ALL our wood stains and paints are water based and non-toxic - it means that they are plant friendly.  With no hidden nasties that could poison your prized pansies, ruin the rosemary or even worse kill your honeysuckle. 


All our wood stains are low VOC (Voluntary Organic Compounds), low odour and non-toxic, this makes them safe and easy to use around your plants. 


Have a look at our guide that shows what paints to use. 


Vegetable Planter in Timber Eco Shield Dark BrownPlanters  

If you like the natural wood look, then you could protect it with a coat of Timber Eco Shield in Dark Brown or revitalise and re-use old plastic planters with a couple of coats of Royal Exterior.


Planters really are so easy to do, in many cases you can buy the plants already grown enough just for general care. Add a protective colour like these and make yourself look like a garden hero...


Dark Brown Timber Eco Shield Shop NowBlack Royal Exterior Shop NowWarm Clay Royal Exterior Shop Now


Window box in Timber Eco Shield Weathered Wood

Window boxes

Whether they are a herb garden box or brimming with flowers you can paint whilst the box is full. 


Use Royal Exterior for a superb finish, or to make them look bang on trend and a bit weathered, with our Weathered Wood.


This is what Yvonne did from six@21 on some old, reclaimed timber. She has a fantastic instagram account that could give you lots of inspiration!


Our colours fav colours...

Weathered Wood Timber Eco Shield Shop NowStone Grey Royal Exterior Shop NowSpring Green Royal Exterior Shop Now


Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh use our safe paints on all their wooden structures, here are some raised beds from the show

Raised beds

If you feel that the planter needs to tie in with your new colour theme- paint it.  Our most versatile wood paint is Wood Stain and Protect.  It can be applied to wood and masonry.


The hit ITV show Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh use our safe paints on all their wooden structures, here are some raised beds from the show.


Ideal colours include….

Gun Metal Grey Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowWarm Grey Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowSilver Fir Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now


Potting Shed Royal Exterior Priddy PoolsPotting Sheds

A great place to hang out, these days your old vision of grandad's potting shed is no more. This is turning into a real area of the garden where you can draw breath whislt feeling super smug and organised so give it the love it deserves and go with colours that represent you, liven them up inside and out with our Royal Exterior.


Below are some of our favourite colours...


Heritage Blue Royal Exterior Shop NowWarm Clay Royal Exterior Shop NowPriddy Pools Royal Exterior Shop Now



Protek Wood Stain - Plant Safety

Wood Stain and Protect Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range

TES Shop Range


Animal Friendly
Animal safety paints in caring colours

We are a nation, and in our case a business of animal lovers. We have plenty of them between us… fact some of our four legged friends even come to work in the office!!  But whether you have a rabbit, a guinea pig, a cat, a dog, a snake (yes, honestly, we have snakes) or even a horse, all our wood stains and paints are animal friendly. 


Pet owners should choose paints and wood stains that are labelled “No VOC” or “Low VOC. The biggest danger of paint fumes for your animals is lung inflammation, the fumes from the solvents can irritate their respiratory system, that could lead to pneumonia. You may also see irritation of their skin and eyes, along with an unpleasant upset stomach. 


Pets - Animal safety paints in caring colours

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into the air as the paint dries, some of these can be carcinogens and are a risk to health, especially in enclosed areas like animal housing When Protek started almost 40 years ago most people used lead based paints and creosote BUT we wanted to be different, so we worked on a formulation that was water based. Because all our products are water based, low odour,low VOC’s and non-toxic,  they are totally safe to use around animals. 


In addition, all our products are regularly tested and checked against European Safety rules. ALL of the stains and paints have passed EN71-3 which reports no traces of chemicals harmful to animals making them safe to use as well as being suitable for animal housing.  


So, you can give your rabbit hutch or stable a new coat of paint and create a stunning new home for them in the knowledge that it is as safe as houses! 


We recommend that the treatment is allowed to fully dry before the animals are introduced.


What wood stains and paints do we recommend for what?  


Stables - Animal safety paints in caring coloursStables - Our Stable Coat is a brilliant waterproofing product that is used by professional yards. It’s great value and easy to use . You can spray it, which makes the job even faster. The horses can even go back in the same day. 


Available in a range of traditional colours suitable for stables. Pale Green, is that just pressure treated timber look, perfect for keeping your stables looking fresh and new. Golden Brown is the colour we did to copy the old creosote look, and Black the ultimate style statement for a stable.


Black Stable Coat Shop NowPale Gren Stable Coat Shop NowGolden Brown Stable Coat Shop Now


Hutches - Animal safety paints in caring colours

Hutches –  You can keep your hutches the standard colour they come in, but upgrade the treatment and use weather-proof Timber Eco Shield for that more natural look.   Or give them a designer home in greys and neutrals, like Thumper & Flower.


It is really important that rabbits, guinea pigs, general furry friends have space to hop, run, exercise and play.  Whether your ‘accomodation’ is indoors or outdoors, we have plenty of rabbit friendly wood stains for you.


There are lots of choices to suit your taste and budget, so you could always really spoil them and give them a splash of Royal Exterior Wood Finish.


Cedar Timber Eco Shield Shop NowHazelnut Timber Eco Shield Shop NowWarm Stone Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowSilver Grey Royal Exterior Shop Now French Lilac Royal Exterior Shop Now 

Chicken Coup - Animal safety paints in caring colours

Chicken Coops - Our Wood Stain & Protect will create a colourful coop…. Here is a throwback to (and an all-time favourite) our 2012 Win with Wood Winner, Derek Saunders from Cambridge. Derek painted stripes on his own designed and beautifully built coop to re-home hens he was asked to take on. 


Whether you decide to keep the coops in their natural wood or make a bold and colourful statement we have a huge range of hen friendly wood stains available. Our Wood Stain and Protect will transform the coop into a mini palace just perfect for laying an egg or two!


So, our top pick of safe paint for your chicken coops are:


Poppy Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowMarigold Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowCornflower Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowAmaranth Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now


Protek Wood Stain - Animal Safety

Wood Stain and Protect Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range

TES Shop Range

Stable Coat Shop Range


Bee Friendly
Bee safety paints in caring colours

Did you know that our wood stains and paints are safe to use with bees? 


Our water based, low odour and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products are bee friendly. IMPORTANT – Do not use Wood Preserver Plus Plus as it contains an insecticide to prevent woodworm, that could damage your bees.


Bee safety stains and paints in caring colours

If you are a beekeeper and have a hive/s, you are part of a growing club as beekeeping is on the rise across the UK.  To date there are over 400K beekeepers.  You can find out more information at


One of our customers Gruff and his wife Angharad from insta account @gwenyngruffydd have over 100 hives at their honey farm in Carmathen.  They offer ‘adopt a hive’ sell award winning honey and even offer bee keeping training courses…. we know they are experts in their field.  So, when we heard Gruff talking about our Wood Stain and Protect, we were delighted.   


Watch Gruff talk about our products here on YouTube >


If you have not got a hive but want to attract bees then take a look at your garden.  Ensure that you fill your garden (however big or small) with a variety of flowering plants that are rich in nectar and pollen.  This will ensure that you attract anyone of the 270 bee species in the UK. 


Bee safety stains and paints in caring colours for hives

Do’s and Don’ts


- Keeping bees requires small amounts of regular time.  Typically, ½ per week with the hive. Unlike other keeping other animals the bees look after themselves. 


- Bees can be kept anywhere from country orchards to urban gardens to balconies…..just make sure you tell the neighbours!


- You should start planning your hive in January. Get your equipment and order a colony ready for spring. 


- Paint only the outside of your hive, not the inside.


What colours to paint

Honeybees are not attracted by the colour of the hive, so think about your surroundings and what blends in or compliments. Protek Wood Stain and Protect and Royal Exterior are both suitable to paint wooden and polystyrene beehives, and there are plenty of colours to choose from.


Traditional colours for beehives

Most hives used to be white, and light colours are better in warmer climates where they can reflect the light.

Snow Royal Exterior Shop Now Stone Grey Royal Exterior Shop NowIce Blue Royal Exterior Shop Now

Helpful colours

Paint different size boxes different colours.

Willow Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowCornflower Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now Lilac Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now

Natural colours

To blend into its surroundings.

Warn Grey Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowSoft Sage Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now Chestnut Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now


Protek Wood Stain - Bee Safety

Wood Stain and Protect Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range


Child Friendly Paints
Child safety paints in amazing colours

EN17-3 Safety for ToysOur Children and yours are very precious, which is why when we started the family business almost 40 years ago, we made sure that all our paints were water-based and low odour.  It is a value that has remained at the heart everything we do in our business.  


We regularly check our products against the industry standards.  We are delighted to announce that our paints have, once again, passed the European Toy Safety Standard (EN71 part 2 and 3) which measure flammability and toxicity. 


So, whether you are painting Wendy houses, climbing frames, treehouses, slides, sand pits or toys you can do it secure in the knowledge that the paint is safe to use or as we like to say, ‘child friendly’. 


Child safety paints in amazing coloursLots of companies use our paints, one toy brand that uses our Wood Stain and Protect range is Toys by Nature.  Kate has a delightful Instagram account @toysbynature. This lovely family brand produces gorgeous wooden toys that are both beautiful and timeless. We love this rainbow wooden rocker, pictured here. Wood Stain and Protect has over 36 vibrant colours to choose from so you are spoilt for choice. 


Green Grass Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowPrimrose Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now Marigold Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now


Or paint the perfect Wendy house!


Beaumont Blue Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now Cranberry Crush Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowBaby Pink Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now


If you wanted a more solid painted look, then the Royal range would be perfect. Available in Royal Exterior Superior Wood Stain and Royal Interior Superior Wood Stain and with over 64 colours to choose from you can always create something unique. Like a camouflage den for the children to play in.


Jungle Green Royal Exterior Shop Now Olive Green Royal Exterior Shop NowSage Leaf Royal Exterior Shop Now


Child safety paints in amazing coloursAll our packaging has an easy look up, so you can see at a glance whether a product is child, pet, plant, animal or even bee friendly.


At Protek Wood Stain we care about your child and their environment. 


Protek Wood Stain - Child Safety

Wood Stain and Protect Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range

TES Shop Range


Bird Safety and our Wood Stains
Bird Boxes in amazing colours

If like us you enjoy seeing our feathered friends in your garden then you will be delighted to know that our range of wood stains are safe to use on bird boxes. 


RSPBWorking with the RSPB we have found that our water based Wood Stain & Protect range is safe for all types of animal housing including birds. Our EN71-3 reports no traces of chemicals harmful to animals and birds, including chicks. On the strength of this the RSPB are happy to use and endorse Wood Stain and Protect along with the National Trust who already have Wood Stain and Protect on their bird feeders and houses.


Why use Protek

As all our paints are water based with no hidden nasties and low odour they are perfect for using on bird boxes. For bird boxes we would recommend from our range  Timber Eco Shield, Wood Stain and Protect or Royal Exterior.


Bird Box Safety

Our tips for painting a bird box

Most bird boxes are made of wood and will be fine when hung in their natural state, as untreated, unpainted wood most closely resembles birds’ natural nesting environments.


However pressure-treated wood is not recommended for bird box construction, so you may choose to paint yours to help preserve it and extend its life. A painted bird box can also make an interesting feature in your garden.


Unpainted hardwood bird houses, such as those made from cedar or cypress will withstand the weather quite well and can last for up to 15 years. But softwood bird house made of pine or plywood can rot quickly in wet weather and so may last longer with a coat of paint.


What colour to paint

Traditional colours - the more muted natural shades that blend in with the surroundings of the garden/ space. These would include browns, greens, or greys.  Great for hiding in foliage or matching the garden fence or wall.

Moss Green TES Shop Now Hazelnut TES Shop Now Dark BrownTES Shop Now

 Pastel colours work well in a flower filled garden as they would blend in perfectly.

Rose Pink Royal Exterior Shop Now Egg Shell Blue Royal Exterior Shop NowCornish Cream Royal Exterior Shop Now

Bright colours - a brightly coloured box, as fun as they are, they could be conspicuous to predators also, place them high in your garden. Birds see colours very well and if you want attract a nesting female, go bright red. 

Poppy Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now Amaranth Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowGreen Grass Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now

Dark colours - the trend for Black and Anthracite Grey in the gardens is huge BUT avoid dark colours for a bird box.  Dark coloured bird boxes will absorb heat and the temperature inside could rise to dangerous levels on warmer days, either suffocating chicks or encouraging the growth of toxic bacteria.


Our advice to is to choose light colours, but not white as this can signal alarm and danger, and position your bird box in a shady spot. 


Tips for maintaining the bird box

You can breathe new life back into an older box but simply sanding and repainting. 

Don’t paint inside the box, as much as we like a painted wall, the birds don’t need it!


Protek Wood Stain - Bird Safety

TES Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range

Wood Stain and Protect Shop Range

Protek Packaging has a MAKEOVER

Protek Wood Stain - New Packaging

Over the last year we have been updating our packaging and in the coming weeks and months you will start to see the results. 


We worked with a highly experienced and award-winning designer Tracey O’Doherty, who has worked on many well known brands including Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.  She has radically changed the packaging. 


The new packaging reflects the importance of wood to Protek.  Using wood images to distinguish between the designs, the individual products now have a fresh new identity that is clean and clear.  


The range has been clearly differentiated by colour banding.  


Preparation products such as wood preservers and primers are in Red. Wood Preserver Plus uses a sawn tree stump as its image highlighting the beauty of wood and the need to protect it. 


Core products are in Grey, this includes Wood Stain and Protect and Shed and Fence.


New packaging designs for the Protek range - Wood Stain and Protect

Wood Stain and Protect is a great all-round garden product and uses fence slats to showcase the bright and varied colour palette.  With over 35 colours to choose from it is now available in three sizes 1L, 2.5L and 5L. 


Shed and Fence a great value product also uses fence slats to showcase the more traditional colours available in the range. 


Our premium products Royal Exterior and Royal Interior are set on a Putty coloured base that really highlights the sophistication of the product. 


Royal Exterior uses Hadspen blue cladding with white windows for a sophisticated look. 


Royal Interior uses a lovely chair image to showcase the colour range 


Royal Metallic adds some ‘sparkle’ to the tin. 


New Timber Eco Shield is dramatic in Black, the image of raindrops on a vivid green leaf show the water repellency of the product and it’s eco credentials.



Alongside the new designs are icons.  The icons were designed to make it easy to see the different product features and benefits. Every feature has an icon- e.g. whether it is sprayable, uses nanotechnology, is child, pet and plant friendly or the coverage per SQ M.  Simple designs to make it easier for the customer. 



With the attention on plastic and plastic pollution we have made the decision to move our products into tins.  As tins can be more easily recycled it felt like the right choice to make for the environment. 


The only exception to the tin policy will be Shed & Fence which will be moved to a plastic container that contains 100% recycled plastic and is in turn fully recyclable.  


Over the coming months as we phase in the new designs you may see a mix of old and new packaging. Bear with us … is the same great product. 

Our Favourite Colours for Spring

Our favourite colours for SpringNothing says Spring quite like green. Green is such a versatile colour and can take on many different tones, for Spring 2021 we are loving a soft, muted sage green. Also symbolic of new beginnings we have chosen our greens from the reinvigorated Wood Stain and Protect range. Newly packaged in tins as we move away from plastic packaging.


Wood Stain and Protek - Willow Wood Stain and Protek - Pale Sage  Wood Stain and Protek - Soft Sage


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