Painted wood panelling, goodbye ordinary walls!

Wood Panelling

Wall panels are no longer associated with being an old fashioned thing of the past, they are bang up to date and ooze character in any home.  Painted panelling is the new way to go rather than opting for wallpaper or plain plastered walls, and the fact that it hides bumpy uneven walls is just a bonus!


You can add interest to a modern home by painting the wall panels bright colours or update a period property with soft blues and greys.  Wood panelling transforms a featureless room delivering a warm and cosy look, so if you want your study to be more sophisticated or your bedroom to be less boring and more blooming marvellous, then wood panels are the way forward.


So whether it’s a bath panel or hallway, every room in your home would benefit from painted wood panelling, from the living room right up to the bedroom.  The next step would be to choose the panelling and decide on either one feature area or the whole room, and then how far up the wall to have it fitted, your options are limitless


Having decided to bite the bullet and commit to wood panels on your walls, and after choosing your colour scheme, the final decision is what paint to use. 


Most paints are not hard enough to take the knocks and scrapes of busy household traffic and  don’t even get me started on what the kids/dogs get up to!



There are lots and lots of great guides on YouTube for getting your wood panelling up, but here's a quick guide from us depending on the type of wood you are using:


Already painted with Satin Wood or Gloss?
Prep: Sand as well as possible, no primer needed


New MDF?
2 coats no primer


New Wood?
Stain Blocking Primer for light colours, nothing for darker shades as product is self-priming

Wood Panelling

Our paint suggestion would be Royal Interior.  This long lasting, hard wearing and highly waterproof wood paint will keep looking good and protected, whatever rough and tumble goes on in your house!


With over 60 gorgeous colours available, you should have no problem matching in with your chosen decor.


Why not order some sample pots today and see which is your favourite.


If you are doing a wood panelling project please share with us using #loveprotek we would love to see how creative you all are and of course share across our social channels.

Wood Panelling