Painted staircases - stairs are no longer just stairs

Painted Staircases

Stairs are no longer just a way to get upstairs and go to bed. Now they are a design statement in their own right. Every part of the humble staircase has had a makeover, from the steps to the spindles to the bannisters. 


Previously the choice was white or wood. Well not any more. They have had a serious colour update. Greys, blacks and even pinks adorn them. Who would have thought staircases would receive so much love?!  


Having decided to attempt some DIY, and after choosing your colour scheme, the next decision is what paint to use. 


Our paint suggestion would be Royal Interior superior wood finish. This long lasting, hard wearing and highly waterproof wood paint will keep looking good and protected, whatever you do on your stairs! 


Those grubby fingerprints on your white bannister could be a thing of the past with a green or navy redo.  So if your stairs need a modern update, or your Victorian staircase has a bannister and railings that are looking sorry for themselves, then look no further. 

With over 64 colours you should have no problem matching to a ‘runner’ should you decide to have one. That is another minefield but that's a tale for another time. 


Why not order some sample pots today and see what you could do. 


If you are doing a staircase make over please share with us #loveprotek we would love to see how creative you all are and of course share across our social channels.


HOW TO Use our interior wood stain on staircases:


Already painted with Satin Wood or Gloss?

Prep: Sand as well as possible, no primer needed


New MDF?

2 coats no primer


New Wood?

Stain Blocking Primer for light colours, nothing for darker shades as product is self-priming