Nothing says Christmas more than a wreath!!!

Nothing says Christmas more than a wreath

A Christmas wreath is now commonplace on most doors across the country.  Whether you make It yourself (done that….blimey that is hard work), drag out the same one year after year or buy new, it is sure to add some interest to the entrance to your home.  


A happy accident meant that we stumbled across the details for after seeing one of her wreaths hanging on a jeweller’s door!  We had a quick chat on the phone about colour with a request for greens, blues and purples but not too much red and orange.  


So, imagine our surprise and delight when Rachael turned up with THE most beautiful wreath. The stunning colours were a perfect match for the Royal Exterior Slate Grey Front door.  


The blues and purples were a perfect compliment to the slate grey, so much so that it looked like we had been very clever and intentionally done it.  


The neighbours have all admired it so much that we felt we had to photograph our statement ‘door art’ and share it.  


Other door colours that would work perfectly would be: 
Slate Grey
Dove Grey
Ice Blue
Mendip Mist


Please share your front doors and wreaths- we love having a look at your ideas. Happy Christmas everyone.