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Wood Stain

Shed & Fence Stain - Ochre

Shed & Fence Stain - Ochre

Ochre is a gorgeous traditional golden pine colour that has proved to be a very popular shade for the garden. It complements all wooden structures and planting schemes leaving a natural wooden colour with an attractive sheen.

Shed & Fence is easy to apply using a brush or sprayer and as it is water-based, is easy to clean up and harmless to pets and plants. It offers great value for money with a coverage of up to 12m2 per litre. 

A time tested market favourite, Shed & Fence Wood Treatment is a waterproof wood stain that is long lasting and enhances the natural beauty of wood. Protek Shed & Fence treatment is the cost effective wood stain that can be applied to planed (finished) as well as rough sawn timber. This wood stain contains wax additives for the extra protection of a water resistant coating.

Protek Shed & Fence is a water-based wood stain with very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) making it the ideal choice not only for fencing and sheds but all types of animal housing from chicken coups to stables.

Protek Shed & Fence wood stain is available in many attractive and natural looking colours that can be applied by using a brush or a pump up garden sprayer. Being environmentally friendly means that this product is a safe and odour free alternative to Creosote.

Ideal for:

• Fencing
• Sheds
• Trellis
• Pergolas
• Planters


• Water Resistant
• Easy Water Clean-Up
• Environmentally Friendly
• Pet & Plant Friendly
• Mould Resistant Coating
• Algal Protection
• Natural Finish
• Light, Fast
• Quick Drying
• Low Odour & Low VOC
• Harmless to Pets & Plants
• Great Coverage

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