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Lights Camera Action

Lights, Camera, Action - Protek on Netflix

Need more gardening love in your life, Netflix now brings us Season 3 of Love your Garden. Filmed in 2013 with the ethos they still hold dear today of transforming neglected spaces into life changing gardens. Our long running association with this institution can be seen across the series. Trends may change but good garden design and helping people that just need a little, never does. 


Link to Series 3 of Love Your Garden on Netflix >


Episode1 Hurst Green – The Dean Family

Restricted in some of his former activities by motor neuron disease, an East Sussex man calls upon the crew to make his garden easier to navigate.


Products Used

Wood Preserver Clear

Wood Preserver



Episode 2 Cambridge – The Sola Family

Inspired by a man who turned his backyard into a Caribbean beach, Alan transforms the garden of a busy Cambridgeshire mother of two.


Products Used

Wood Preserver Clear

Wood Stain and Protector Soft Sage (shed)


Wood Preserver  Wood Stain & Protector - Pale Sage


Love your Garden Series 3 - Episode 3 - The Nwosu Family on NetflixEpisode 3 Morden – The Nwosu Family

Alan works to beautify the modest property of a mother who cares for a son with sickle cell anaemia and runs a charity to help others with the disease.                 


Products Used

Wood Stain and Protector Ethnic Red

Wood Stain & Protector - Ethnic Red


Love your Garden Series 3 - Episode 4 - The Mason Family on Netflix

Episode 4 - Winchcombe, Cheltenham – The Mason Family    

The team battle the elements to create a magical escape for a woman who has devoted her life to caring for others.


Products Used

Royal Exterior Sage Leaf

Royal Exterior Cornish Cream

Royal Exterior - Sage Leaf    Royal Exterior - Cornish Cream






Love your Garden Series 3 - Episode 5 - The Phillips Family on Netflix



Episode 5 – The Phillips Family

A decorated veteran injured in the Falkland’s War gets assistance from Alan and the team turning a barren plot into a vibrant new garden.


Products Used

Wood Stain & Protector Soft Sage

Wood Stain & Protector - Soft Sage


Episode 6 Hereford – The Nixon Family

The friends and family of a woman with motor neurone disease ask for Alan’s help in making her garden more colourful, fragrant and wildlife friendly.




Love your Garden Series 3 - Episode 7- The Webb Family on NetflixEpisode 7 Tonbridge – The Webb Family

Alan and the team create a shady garden with customized lighting for a family in Kent with two small children affected by a genetic eyesight disorder.


Products Used

Wood Stain & Protector Lilac (pergola) Marigold and Primrose on the children’s veggies planters.

Wood Stain & Protector - Lilac   Wood Stain & Protector - Marigold   Wood Stain & Protector - Primrose


Episode 8 Ulverston - The Pyne Family

A family in Cumbria struggling with health issues has been forced to neglect their garden, so it’s Alan to the rescue – with 5 tonnes of rock!



Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft Ideas - Silver MetallicLeftover Protek is great for using with your children or grandchildren to get in the Christmas crafting spirit. Or you can buy small 125ml sample pots if you want more colours for your creations. Make a DIY Christmas décor as Protek offer a full colour range that now also include shimmering metallic paint.


Our paints have been used at local schools for their Christmas crafting events and we are thrilled with response, “They are a dream to use and the finish is just gorgeous” Remember they are exterior grade paints so great for decorating outside as well."


Obviously the children don't need to have all the fun and we have created these simple but beautiful Christmas table decoration using large pine cones and cheap terracotta pots. Cool Royal China Clay was stylishly paired with Royal Metallics Silver for a frosty festive look. We also used Royal Metallics Gold to create a regal centre-piece with Royal Regency Puce painted on the band.


Christmas Craft Ideas

Starry Starry night

Starry Starry night


Cold clear nights with starry skies and a touch of frost, make the winter enchanting. 


From the Royal range choose the rich inky Midnight Blue for your latest project, either Interior or Exterior. Looks dazzling when teamed with Royal Ice Blue and Silver from our new Royal metallic paint range. Whatever your project, from handmade Christmas tree decorations  to upcycling a piece of  pine furniture or a dramatic summerhouse these are the on trend wood paint colours.


Royal Exterior Midnight Blue     Royal Exterior - Ice Blue     Royal Exterior Metallic - Silver 

Make it Magical

Make it magical


Be inspired to get creative this Christmas.


Make it magical - Fab PotSo painting outside isn’t much fun at the moment, so we have taken our brushes inside. We are particularly enjoying painting with our new Royal Metallics in Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze. Making homemade Christmas decorations is fun for all the family and a chance to get creative.


We are enjoying Kirstie’s handmade Christmas on Channel 4 with our all her Christmas craft ideas. This large pine cone is painted in Gold as is the bottom of the terracotta pot; Royal Regency Puce is used around the rim to add to the regal theme.


Royal Exterior Metallic - Silver     Royal Exterior Metallic - Gold     Royal Exterior Metallic- Bronze    Royal Metallics Wood Stain - Copper 

Decorate for Fall Festivities

This autumn we have been using our new Royal Metallics to “Pimp our Pumpkins.” Exploring the trend for painted pumpkins we were blown way by their magical transformation. They catch the light delightfully and the autumnal colours make them perfect for decorating your home this autumn.


An addition to our illustrious Royal range is the shimmering Metallics. This high-quality decorative coating is suitable for use on wood, plastic and metal (and pumpkins). It is a high build formula, so each coat will give enhanced lustre. This is perfect for use inside and out to add and touch of shimmer to your living spaces.



Royal Metallics Wood Stain - Gold Royal Metallics - Gold 

Modern accents can be achieved in the home and garden with this warm luxurious colour. Bring the power of the sun to illuminate with elegance and sophistication or just to add some bling! A vibrant gold metallic paint that is very long lasting and leaves a water repellent finish. Ideal for crafting use as easy to wash up…while still wet.


View Royal Metallics in Gold >



Royal Metallics Wood Stain - Silver Royal Metallics - Silver 

Bring shimmering silver into your home and garden, modern and glamorous with the sensitivity of the moon and full of positive energy. A soft bright metallic paint that is a high build water repellent formula, each coat increases the shimmer. Ideal for crafting use as easy to wash up…while still wet.

View Royal Metallics in Silver >





Royal Metallics Wood Stain - CopperRoyal Metallics - Copper 

This show stopper of a metallic paint will look awesome anywhere in the home or garden. A strong copper colour that brings a warm glow and compliments beautifully many other colours. Use on large statement pieces or perk up smaller items such as plant pots and coffee tables. Also ideal for crafting use as easy to wash up…while still wet.


View Royal Metallics in Copper >



Royal Metallics Wood Stain - BronzeRoyal Metallics - Bronze 

This subtle bronze metallic paint looks fabulous on wood. It has a natural wood tone with a glint that gently changes colour to reflect the light. Just gorgeous in the garden. Leaves a long-lasting waterproof protective coating.  Also ideal for crafting use as easy to wash up…while still wet.



View Royal Metallics in Bronze >

Time to Protect - Garden visitors need some protection

Time to Protect - Garden visitors need some protection


Recent estimates suggest there only 1 million hedgehogs currently in the UK, what a tragedy for this gardener’s friend. Make your garden a hedgehog haven by allowing a five-inch access hole at the bottom of your fence. Leave areas of the garden untouched so wildlife can use fallen leaves, twigs and dead vegetation to build nest. Or build a hedgehog home.


Our hedgehog home was built out of leftover materials we use to build our display stands. Choosing the product and the colour is always the fun part. We decided on our Wood Stain and Protector in American Barn Red (well the house does look a little bit like one) and Parsonage Cream. We love Wood Stain & Protector it is so easy to use, gives a great finish and is pet and animal friendly. The perfect wood stain for a hedgehog house.


Easy tips for having a hedgehog friendly garden:

  • - Create an access
  • - Have a wild part of the garden
  • - Build a hog house
  • - Leave food and water out
  • - Do not use slug pellets 
  • - Check long grass before mowing
  • - Make ponds safe


We have found a nice quiet corner of the garden for Hog House and are full of anticipation to see if we attract any inhabitants.

Hot Summer

Hot Summer


Phew, what a scorcher this year! We have started to see a definite trend towards bold colours being used in the garden.  Our top hot pick has to be Royal Exterior Teal, not only did we choose to use it for our summer photo shoot with Garden’s Illustrated photographer Jason Ingram (we are keeping the photos under our hat for now) but it was star of the show in ITV’s Love You Garden episode where a modern garden was beautifully created for foster super mum Fiona Kirlew. Also seen in this funky tropical garden was the sunny  Drawing Room Gold


Demand for Fire Engine Red from the Wood Stain & Protector range has been consistently high throughout this summer. This is a trend we feel will continue through 2019, red is going to be a key garden trend.


Royal Exterior - Teal     Royal Exterior - Drawing Room Gold    Wood Stain and Protector - Fire Engine Red 

Spring into Summer

Spring into Summer


Spring into Summer Table and ChairsLovely coastal blues and greens have been popular buys over the last few months. Sunny warm days have inspired subtle beachcomber colours that are used both outside and in. Also colours we recommend to achieve this look are Somerset Blue and China Clay, as you can see on these upcycled wooden chairs.


Featured Colours: 


Royal Exterior - Giddy Green     Royal Exterior -  Somerset Blue    Royal Exterior - China Clay     Royal Exterior - Porcelain Blue  Royal Exterior - Egg Shell Blue

Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Summer, Summer, Summer Time


Summer, Summer, Summer TimeIt’s time to have fun in the sun, kick back, relax and enjoy the garden. Giddy Green and Flamingo Pink two of our new for 2018 colours are seen here enjoying a sunny afternoon. These  playful colours are great as brightening a dark corner of the garden or used as a modern contrast to China Clay or Anthracite Grey.


Featured Colours: 


Royal Exterior - Giddy Green     Royal Exterior - Flamingo Pink    Royal Exterior - China Clay     Royal Exterior - Anthracite Grey  

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