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11 Piece Harris - Decorating Pack

11 Piece Harris - Decorating Pack

The ideal all round accompaniment to applying Protek wood stains; Large & Small rollers, sleeves and trays. A dustsheet, sanding block and 2 paint brushes.

This pack is suitable to use on rough sawn and planed timber.
Can be used on Sheds, Cabins, Fencing, Decking, Trellis etc.

The rollers and brushes can be used with:
Protek Wood Stain + Protector
Protek Wood Stain + Protector Clear Tough Coat
Protek Decking Stain
Protek Shed & Fence
Protek Royal Interior
Protek Royal Exterior

The pack contains:
1” brush
1.5” brush
4” Mini roller frame
4” Mini roller tray
4” Mini roller gloss sleeve
4” Mini roller emulsion sleeve
9” roller frame
9” roller tray
9” roller sleeve
Sanding block
12’ x 9’ Dustsheet

Cleaning & Care
Before first use: Rinse roller sleeve in warm water and allow to dry
After use: Remove as much of the excess wood stain as possible. Wash in warm soapy water ensuring all the wood stain is removed. Rinse thoroughly. Do not store until completely dry.


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